Our Membership

Our Membership


The strength of TICA lies in its members. Breeders, exhibitors and cat lovers are invited to join TICA and participate in the most progressive registry in the world. Our members are entitled to vote on all issues which shape the Association. Clubs do not vote in TICA. Members are also entitled to belong to breed sections of their choice and may be eligible to be an elected officer. There are currently more than 3000 TICA members throughout the world.

There are TICA clubs chartered in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Peru, the Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Switzerland and the United States.

Any club with no less than five (5) TICA members, organized for the following purposes, may apply for a club charter.

  • Sponsor and promote the welfare of all breeds of cats, including household pets (mixed breeds);
  • Cultivate friendship among and promote the interest of the owners, fanciers and breeders of cats;
  • Encourage breeding toward the TICA Standards and encourage the registration of cats with TICA;
  • Promote and encourage kindness to all animals and assist in prevention of cruelty and mistreatment of animals;
  • Encourage the spaying and neutering of any and all cats not specifically being used as part of a viable breeding program in order to reduce the trend toward overpopulation of, and tragedy among, unwanted domestic cats.

Clubs applying for a TICA charter must complete an Application for Charter and submit a copy of the club's By-Laws which are in conformity with the Association guidelines, a charter fee, a list of the names and addresses of the club's officers and members, and such other information as required by the Board of Directors. All documents must be forwarded to the TICA Executive Office for processing.

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