The Effect of Cats: Happier and Healthier Owners!

USA Today recently reported that 33% of the households in the USA have cats, and there are 16 million more pet cats than dogs.

And after they published a report on how owning a dog has a positive effect on their owners, cat owners raised paws (okay, hands) and said “hey what about us and our cats?” So they did a little research and guess what they found out?

Cats can make you healthier, happier and gentler.

Could it be…

 Their purring?

Looking at you right in your eyes and giving you “kitty kisses” by blinking?

Snuggling with you no matter how hot or cold it is outside?

Pussyfooting on your arm?

Touching their wet nose on your nose?

Or could it just be that you know that no matter what you do, they love you unconditionally?

To read the entire article published by USA Today, click here.

TICA Represented at World Cat Congress in South Africa

Southern Africa Cat Council hosted this year’s World Cat Congress which took place in Johannesburg on July 8-10th. TICA’s president Vickie Fisher met with other heads of cat fancy organizations at the Southern Sun Grayston Hotel to discuss the cat fancy on a global perspective.

Vickie Fisher, President of TICA gets to meet some of the large cats who live in South Africa.

The World Cat Congress was established to promote better understanding and co-operation among the world’s major cat associations in matters of mutual interest and concern such as cat legislation and feline welfare which affects all cat lovers, from the pedigree breeder to the pet owner.

The membership of the World Cat Congress is comprised of the world’s major cat fancies, including the founding members; Fédération Internationale Féline – FIFe, Cat Fanciers’ Association – CFA, The International Cat Association – TICA, World Cat Federation – WCF and Australian Cat Federation – ACF, as well as, New Zealand Cat Fancy – NZCF which joined in 2001 and the three newest members; Co-Ordinating Cat Council of Australia – CCC of A, Governing Council of the Cat Fancy – GCCF, United Kingdom, and Southern African Cat Council – SACC, which joined in 2006.

But discussions weren’t kept at small felines, as the group had a chance to visit a local reserve and meet some of the big cats up close and personal!