2014 Membership Election

Election to be held in October 2014

The filing period is April 1st, 2014 through July 31st, 2014. The person filing must have been a consecutive member in good standing as of or prior to May 1st, 2012 and also must pay their membership dues through May 1st, 2018.

Email your candidacy statement to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (PDF format)

View the Proposals on this year's ballot.

Presidential Candidates: (Filing Fee $25)
Vice-Presidential Candidates: (Filing Fee $25)
Breed Committee Candidates: (Filing Fee $10)
  • AB: ABYSSINIAN - Committee of 5
    Susan L Graham, Jean Hannum, Jennerfer Hardin, Clinton Knapp, Irene (Rene) Knapp, Carlos Lopez, Brenda Mitchell, Brenda Russo, Vicki White
  • ABT/ABS: AMERICAN BOBTAIL (SH/LH) - Committee of 3
    Robert G Hjerling Jr, Janet Miller, Kathryn Sylvia
  • AC/ACL: AMERICAN CURL (SH/LH) - Committee of 3
    Kathryn W Sottile
    Robin Higgins
  • BG: BENGAL - Committee of 7
    Jay Bangle, Canie V Brooks, Steven Corneille, Pat Harbert, Anthony Hutcherson, Mark Pennington, Karen Sausman, Wendy Symmes, Marie Vodicka
  • BI: BIRMAN - Committee of 5
    Julia Duguid, Nicki Fenwick-Raven, Judith Milling, Laura Mitobe, Laurie Patton, Charlotte Shea
  • BS/BL: BRITISH SHORTHAIR (SH/LH) - Committee of 7
    Pamela A Barrett, Monika Dany, Harley Devilbiss, Bettina Schuetzenhoefer, Deborah Steenwyk, Hisako Yamada
  • BU/BO: BURMESE/BOMBAY - Committee of 5
    Kathryn Amann, Gladys Dinunzio, Denise Hall, Wendy Klamm, Jackie Luebke-Puetz, Chrissy Russell, Nancy Schuman, Raymond Stevens, Helena Wiklundh
  • CR: CORNISH REX - Committee of 3
    Sally Patch
  • CU: CHAUSIE - Committee of 3
    Christy Bird, Sandy Hale, Bobbie Tullo
  • CX: CHARTREUX - Committee of 3
    Nancy Dionne, Jeanne Johnson, Carole K Mcfadden
  • DR: DEVON REX - Committee of 3
    Ellen V Crockett, Mary Ann Gobat, Cheralyn Kerr, Marion Yates
  • EM: EGYPTIAN MAU - Committee of 3
    Donna Madison_, Dorothy (Dot) Mardulier
  • ES: EXOTIC SHORTHAIR - Committee of 5
    Cheryl Hague
  • HB: HAVANA - Committee of 3
    Elektra Hammond, Jonna Inman, Candice Massey, Geraldine McKerlie
  • HH: HOUSEHOLD PET - Committee of 7
    Beth Edwards, Caroline Fralia, Hellen Pounds
  • HI: HIMALAYAN - Committee of 5
    Debbie Lopeman
  • JB/JBL: JAPANESE BOBTAIL (SH/LH) - Committee of 3
    Nikki Crandall-Seibert, Vanadis Crawford, Janice Poole
  • KB/KBL: KURILIAN BOBTAIL (SH/LH) - Committee of 3
    Nicki Fenwick-Raven_, Alexandra Marinets, Sharon Ann Paradis
  • LP/LPS: LAPERM (LH/SH) - Committee of 3
    Denise Abraham, Shirley Lawler, Anne-Louise Magee, George Snell
  • MC: MAINE COON - Committee of 7
    Marjorie Berger, David Bernbaum, Judy Bernbaum, Janet Brown, Liz Hansen, Elaine Hawksworth-Weitz, Phillipa M Holmes, Ulrike Illia, Teri Matzkin, Pil Refstrup, Kim Tomlin, Carolyn (Cari) Tucker
  • MK/MKL: MUNCHKIN (SH/LH) - Committee of 3
    Megan Appleby, Terri J Harris, Sherri McConnell
  • MX/CY: MANX/CYMRIC - Committee of 3
    Harley Devilbiss, Kay Devilbiss, Anthony Hutcherson
  • NB: NEBELUNG - Committee of 3
    Teresa Bryant
  • NF: NORWEGIAN FOREST - Committee of 5
    Melissa Alexander, Donna Armel, James (Jim) Armel, Barbara Midura, Margaret Rothman, Linda Stebner
  • OC: OCICAT - Committee of 3
    Dian Darr
  • PB/PBL: PIXIEBOB (SH/LH) - Committee of 5
    Carol Barton, Brenda S Miller
  • PD: PETERBALD - Committee of 3
    Jay Davis, Susanna Shon
  • PS: PERSIAN - Committee of 7
    Nancy Bomar, Lynn Lines, Debbie Lopeman
  • RB: RUSSIAN BLUE - Committee of 5
    Amanda Bright, Sun Hee Lee
  • RD: RAGDOLL - Committee of 7
    Dana Croisdale, Cindy DeWolfe, Melinda Ferreira, Connie Harvey, Denise Jordan-Saunders, Christine Lupo, Alexandra Marinets, Stormi Nell, David Nudleman, Dana Pendergraph, Mary Riddell, Mable Roberts, Rachel R Robinson-Zimmer, Heather Sands, Mark Schidler, Amy Stadter, Lisa Steegmueller, Roxann Vass
  • SB: SIBERIAN - Committee of 7
    Sue Case, Maryann Cavalier, Lesley Coyne, Diane C Duryea, Alexandra Graf, Jacqueline Henderson, Stephanie Letness, Pamela A Martin, Kimberly McDaniel, Natalya Tardif, Cynthia Tunello
    Cheryl Hogan, Sally Patch, Elyse Ramsey, Stephanie Smith
  • SG: SINGAPURA - Committee of 3
    Catherine Bourreau, Adriana Kajon, Vickie Shields, Catherine Le Trionnaire
    Susan Adler, Tania Antenucci, Heidi Anttila, Nicky Goulter, Suzanne Hansen, Vicki Jo Harrison_, Toni Jones, Heather Lorimer, Pat Muise, Debora Spencer, Sue Yates
  • SN: SNOWSHOE - Committee of 3
    Sandra Mcallister, Hellen Pounds
  • SO: SOMALI - Committee of 3
    Cheryl Leigh Chamberlin, Gail Dolan, Helen Warn
  • SR/SRL: SELKIRK REX (SH/LH) - Committee of 3
    Arnold Farley, Lucy Robinson, Kathrine (Kitti) Ruttan, Sarah Walker
  • SV: SAVANNAH - Committee of 7
    Kristine Alessio, Brigitte Cowell, Pamela Flachs, Sandy Hale, Paige H, Donna B Lawver, Jo Milnes, Janet L Spain, Patti Struck
  • SX: SPHYNX - Committee of 7
    Carole Bohanan-Uhler, Charles Blake Gipson, Brittney Gobble, Johnny Gobble, Cheralyn Kerr, Alessio Pasquini, Dawn Randazzo, Laurie Schiff, Kathryn W Sottile, Marion Yates
  • TA: TURKISH ANGORA - Committee of 3
    Kathryn Amann, Vladlena Lekovich, Jesse Rafael Machuca
  • TG: TOYGER - Committee of 3
    Eva Baden, Helen Baloun
  • TH: THAI - Committee of 3
    Alice Billman, Nancy Day, Adrian Keeling-Look
  • TO: TONKINESE - Committee of 3
    Vanadis Crawford, Laurie Schiff, Sheryl Zink
  • TV: TURKISH VAN - Committee of 3
    Catherine Claucherty, Barbara Lindsey, Erica Tadajewski

The International Cat Association, Inc.
By-Laws & Related Standing Rules
ARTICLE FIVE: Elected Officials
15.1 Elected Officers
15.1.1 Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall be comprised of a President, a Vice President and Regional Directors. No member of the Board of Directors, or any of its committees, with the exception of the President, or the Vice President, when acting as President, shall be authorized to take any action, including but not limited to, entering into any contract or obligation binding TICA, speaking for the Board of Directors, or stating the policy of TICA, unless the Board of Directors has specifically authorized such action by an individual member. The President, and the Vice President, when acting as President, is authorized to take any action on behalf of the Association necessary to conduct the day-to-day operations of the Association. The President is the official spokesperson for the Association. This does not apply to Board Members or other officials whose duties are outlined in the By-Laws.
15.1.2 International Officers. The President and Vice President shall be elected by the membership at large to serve a term of 3 years or until a successor is duly elected. If the President should be absent, incapacitated or refuse to act, the Vice President shall assume the duties of the President. If for any reason the office of Vice President shall become vacant, the Board shall elect a new Vice President from its members for the balance of the unexpired term.
15.1.3 Regional Directors. The Regional Directors shall be elected by the members of the Region where the Director resides to serve a term of 3 years or until a successor is duly elected. If for any reason the office of Regional Director shall become vacant, the Board of Directors shall appoint a qualified member from the Region to assume the office for the balance of the unexpired term.
15.2 Elected Breed/Breed Group Committees.
15.2.1 The members of each Breed/Breed Group Section shall elect a Breed Committee, each member to serve a term of 3 years or until a successor is duly elected or appointed in the event of a vacancy. The number of Breed/Breed Group Committee members shall be determined as set forth in the Standing Rules and may be increased or decreased based on the number of Breed/Breed Group Section members and the needs of the Breed/Breed Group Section.
105.2.1 Breed Committees. The number of breed Committee members shall be determined by the number of Breed Section Members as of April 30th of the election year as extracted from the membership program. The following formula will be applied: Under 75 Breed Section Members: 3 Committee Members 75-150 Breed Section Members: 5 Committee Members Over 150 Breed Section Members: 7 Committee Members
105.2.2 The filing fee for election to Breed Committees is $10. The Breed/Breed Group Committee member receiving the highest number of votes shall become the Breed/Breed Group Committee Chairperson. In the event of a two-way tie, the two receiving the highest number of votes may serve as co-chairpersons, OR may determine between themselves the chairperson OR may request a run-off. It shall be the responsibility of the two concerned to advise the Executive Office which option they are exercising. In the event of a three-way or greater tie, a run-off election shall be held to determine the chairperson. If for any reason the Breed Committee Chair is vacated, the Breed Committee member who received the next highest number of votes shall become the Breed Committee Chair. The vacant seat on the Breed Committee shall be filled with the Breed Section member who received the next highest number of votes. If all members who ran in the election for Breed Committee are already serving, the Breed Committee may complete the term with a vacant seat(s) or request that the vacancy be filled by appointment of the Board of Directors. The Breed Committee shall notify the Executive Office of any such changes. Notices of Breed Committee resignations and replacements shall be published in the TICA TREND.
15.2.2 Qualifications for Election to a Breed/Breed Group Committee. Candidates for election to a Breed/Breed Group Committee shall provide documentation of having met the following requirements for election: Have met the eligibility requirement(s) to vote in any TICA election (See By-Laws 113.1). Have met the requirements for Breed/Breed Group Section membership (See By-Laws 14.1) Have paid TICA membership dues for the 3 years of the applicable term. Have a TICA Registered Cattery (except for the HHP Breed Committee). Have bred and registered with TICA a minimum of two litters of the appropriate breed (except for the HHP Breed Committee).
OR Have owned and shown a cat of the appropriate breed in a minimum of five shows within the three show seasons immediately preceding the election. (Note: Applicants for Household Pet Breed Committee(s) must meet this requirement to qualify for breed committee election.) Breed Group Membership. For those breed sections that have been merged into a breed group, membership in only one breed of the breed group is sufficient to allow the member otherwise qualified to seek membership on the breed group committee.
15.2.3 No member shall be a member of more than three breed committees.
15.3 No person shall be eligible to serve as an elected officer (See By- Laws 15.1) of this Association who is an officer of another similar association, or who has any outstanding indebtedness to TICA or to a TICA club.
15.4 Resignation of elected officers shall take effect immediately unless the resignation itself states an effective date, in which case the resignation shall become effective on the stated date.
15.5 In order to avoid a possible conflict of interest no person(s) who is a principal(s) in any show production company shall be eligible to serve as an officer or director of this association. Should any such person be elected in the 1994 elections that person shall have the option of severing all connections with the production company or withdrawing from office. Should any person withdraw from office under this section the person receiving the next highest number of votes shall take the position.
ARTICLE SEVEN: Duties of Officers
17.1 Duties of the President and Vice President.
17.1.1 Duties of the President: The President shall serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the Association and the Chairperson of the Board of Directors. The President shall preside at the Annual Convention and all other meetings of the membership and the Board of Directors. The President shall perform all duties delegated to that office by these By-Laws or by the Board of Directors. The President shall enter into no contracts or file no lawsuits in the name of the Association without specific authority from the Board of Directors.
17.1.2 Duties of the Vice President: In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall serve as President and Chairperson of the Board of Directors and shall perform all other duties delegated to that office by these By- Laws, the President or the Board of Directors.
17.2 Duties of the Board of Directors.
17.2.1 The business affairs, government, policy formulation and implementation of the Association and such other duties as may be specified in the By-Laws, Show Rules and Registration Rules of the Association shall be under the jurisdiction of the Board of Directors.
17.2.2 The Board of Directors shall adopt standing rules and guidelines governing the affairs of the Association including but not limited to the function of all employees, appointed officials and committees, the Judging Program, method of determining Annual Awards, the requirements for recognition of new breeds and colors. The Board of Directors shall do anything necessary and proper that is lawful and not prohibited by these By-Laws for the welfare and benefit of the Association.
17.3 Duties of the Regional Directors.
17.3.1 The Regions shall be represented by Regional Directors. The Regional Directors shall have charge of the efficient operation of the Regions including but not limited to scheduling shows for the Regions, the appointment of Deputy Regional Directors, the promotion of Regional Awards, the promotion of judging schools and seminars in conjunction with shows, the recruitment of new clubs and new members of the Association, the dissemination of information to the clubs in the Regions and the Board of Directors and all other duties delegated to that office by these By-Laws or the Board of Directors.
17.3.2 The Regional Directors shall attempt to resolve complaints which have been filed or called to the attention of an official of TICA.
17.4 Duties of the Breed Committees. It is the duty of the Breed Committee to represent the Breed/Breed Group Section members on any proposed Breed Standard change, amendment or deletion, submitted by any bona fide voting members of the Breed/Breed Group Section. Any proposal submitted to the Breed Committee must be approved by a majority vote of the Committee prior to the Breed Committee Chairperson forwarding the proposal to the Genetics and Rules Committees for review and approval. It is the responsibility of the Breed Committee Chairperson to forward any approved proposal to the aforementioned Committees within 5 days of approval by the Breed Committee and to return any proposal not approved by the Committee to the person or persons originally submitting the proposal. Individual Breed Committee members may attach comments to any breed proposal submitted to the aforesaid committees or individuals. Upon approval of the Genetics and Rules Committees, the proposal must be forwarded to the Executive Office for balloting of the Breed/Breed Group Section in accordance with 118.2.
ARTICLE FOURTEEN: Election of Officers
114.1 Time of Election. Election of officers shall take place in October every third year by ballot of the membership.
1014.1 Intervals The regional Directors from the Mid Pacific, Northeast, Northern Europe, South America, Southeast, Western Europe and Southwest regions are elected every 3 years beginning in 1994. All other Regional Directors are elected every 3 years beginning in 1995.
1014.1.1 If a region is added, or adjustments are made to a region or regions, the first term of the new Regional Director will be determined in such a way that no more than one-half the Board of Directors will stand for election or re-election in any given year.
114.1.1 Beginning in 2005, the President and Vice-President shall be elected every 3 years in the same years that Breed Committees are elected.
114.1.2 The President and Vice-President elected in 2001 shall serve an additional year in order to make the transition in election years.
1014.2 Fees.
1014.2.1 Filing Fees. The filing fee for election to the Board of Directors is $25. The filing fee for election to Breed Committees is $10.
1014.2.2 Membership Fees. Any member qualifying for an elected office shall be required to pay membership dues for the entire term of office for which he qualifies in addition to the filing fees.
1014.2.3 TREND Fee. The fee for a 500-word article to be published in the TICA TREND is $30. Candidates may include a photo with the statement. Statements are limited to the August/September and October/November TREND.
1014.2.4 No other advertisement, endorsement or article on any candidacy may be printed in the official newsletter. Candidates who are drafted by write-in vote of the membership shall fulfill all qualifications of those filing for office.
114.2 Announcement of Candidates. After the initial election, any member who has been a member in good standing for 2 consecutive years immediately preceding shall be eligible to seek office and shall declare his candidacy in writing to the Executive Office not more than 6 months nor less than 2 months before the election month with the filing fee established by the Board of Directors. If no member in the region or no member in the Breed/Breed Group Section has been a member for the 2 years immediately preceding the election, the 2 year membership requirement shall not apply. This shall entitle the candidate to be listed as a candidate for the office sought in every issue of the newsletter including the newsletter prior to the ballot being mailed to the membership. Each candidate shall be entitled to publish a summary of his/her experience, credentials and platform in accordance with Standing Rules.
114.3 Election.
114.3.1 The election ballot shall contain a list of candidates. The ballot for election of President, Vice President and Regional Directors shall also contain lines for write-in votes. The provisions of ARTICLE THIRTEEN shall apply to election of officers.
114.3.2 The candidate receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected. In the case of a tie, a run-off election shall be held.
114.3.3 No person may hold more than one elected position on the Board of Directors at one time. A Regional Director who is elected President or Vice-President must resign as Regional Director effective on the date of assuming the office of President or Vice-President. Appointment of a new Regional Director shall be in accordance with 15.3.2 of these By-Laws.
114.4 Run-Off Elections. If a run-off election is required, a run-off ballot shall be mailed to each member eligible to vote. The provisions of ARTICLE THIRTEEN shall apply to run-off elections.
114.5 Elected officers shall take office January of the ensuing year.
114.6 Responsibilities of Members. Each member shall be responsible to ensure that his ballot is properly authenticated and forwarded as set forth in 113.3.5 above. No member shall attempt to invalidate or otherwise tamper with the TICA election process in any manner whatsoever.