Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program

In keeping with the Mission and Policy Statements of TICA, the Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program has adopted the Cattery Evaluation Program and the Voluntary Code of Ethics. The goal is to provide education, information, and guidance to breeders so that they are aware of proper husbandry and cattery management techniques. The Cattery Evaluation Program will recognize TICA Outstanding Catteries and TICA Catteries of Merit.

The actual cattery evaluation must be done by a licensed small animal veterinarian. The breeder may engage his/her regular veterinarian for this task. It is important for the veterinarian to place emphasis on the overall impression of health and well-being of the cats in the cattery during the evaluation and decision making process. Often cattery set-ups involve the entire household. For example, bedrooms and bathrooms may be utilized for birthing and/or isolation areas of the cattery. In addition, it is important for the evaluator to allow for the odor of any whole male cat in residence. However, it is not allowable to experience the stale odor of cats permeating the residence. It is hoped that the dialogue between the veterinarian and breeder will be an educational experience.

The veterinarian is to score the form in the presence of the breeder. Each individual rating of "Excellent" receives 2 points, each "Satisfactory" receives 1 point, and each "unsatisfactory" rating receives 0 points. Any Not Applicable (N/A) rating receives a score of 2 points. Multiply the total number of "excellent" ratings plus "N/A" ratings by 2, and enter this figure on the line following "Excellent". Add the total number of "Satisfactory" ratings and enter this figure on the line following "Satisfactory". Add the two figures together and enter the sum in the appropriate space. The best possible score is 88 points. A total score of 75 points or more receives an overall "Outstanding" rating and the breeder will be sent an "Outstanding Cattery" certificate. A total score of 58-74 points receives an overall "Satisfactory" rating and the breeder will be sent a "Cattery of Merit" certificate. A score below 58 points results in a failed rating. Once the problems in the cattery have been rectified, the breeder may resubmit a request to TICA for another Cattery Evaluation Form and have the cattery evaluated again.

The original (white copy) of the Cattery Evaluation Form is to be submitted by the breeder to TICA together with the $30 fee. The yellow copy is for the breeder's records, and the pink copy is for the veterinarian's records. Upon receipt of the white copy of the form and the fees, the Executive Office will furnish the breeder the appropriate certificate. These certificates must be renewed on an annual basis.

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