Egyptian Mau Kittens

We have two silver males available born on September 3rd, they will be ready in December. We are a small Egyptian Mau Cattery located in Ontario, Canada.. Our cats come from Championship and Distinguished of Merit Lines. Pet Kittens will be ready to go to their forever home after 3 months old. Veterinarian checked, neutered/ spayed, vaccinated according to age with FVRCP vaccines, Feline leukemia vaccine, Rabies vaccine and de-wormed. We have silver spotted, bronze and soon we will have smoke kittens. Upon Kitten pick ups kittens will have the following; "The Cat Fanciers' and/ or T.I.C.A. registration purebred paper, mother's pedigrees (family tree), Veterinarian records booklet, Neuter/Spay/Vaccine Certificates and Royal Canin starter kit. Please Note: The Spay/Neuter procedure healing time is usually around 10 days or more and we lovingly care after your kitten during that time. If you require shipping or delivery that is an extra charge. We can also adopt out kittens with Breeding Rights..For more information please check out our website or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jewels Nile Cattery
Ontario, Canada

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Employment Opportunities:




TICA is looking for an energetic individual with a positive attitude who works well under pressure while enhancing customers experience. Could this be you? We need somebody who has experience with the joomla platform to keep our clients up to date with breeders listings, Classified ads, and over all the whole look of TICA is looking for a talented individual to be apart of the redesign and feel of to better serve our clients and employees. Come join our wonderful staff and submit your resume below, become a part of the TICA family!

Leslie Bowers

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Policy Manual:

TICA is taking bids to develop a policy manual to tailor our employee needs. The policy manual must be in accordance with both state and federal law and also with the TICA handbook guidelines. TICA requires an original policy handbook.  nothing in fillable form. Please submit your bids below.

Leslie Bowers

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WE HAVE KITTEN!!! There are many reasons to choose from us a Siberian cat. Apart from their low-allergens compared to other cats, they are also quite cute, cuddly, and majestic! They are playful, friendly, and full of fun! Genetically, they are naturally healthy and less prone to health issues. Siberians are typically very pleasant and social to other people and animals. With that said, they are sometimes called "dog-like" cats, as they have friendly personalities that are similar to dogs! ​At the CATTERY ROYALSIBERIAN, we take pride in our cats. They come from top bloodlines. We love our cats very much, and completely dedicated to their health, wellness, and superiority. We are devoted to ensuring that all cats are happy and friendly. Visit or Homepage

Alexandra Behne

Niedersachsen,Germany 38458
Phone: 0049-151-15902144
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Maine Coon TICA

We offer beautiful, healthy kittens. We do genetic health testing + echocardiogram. Lovingly raised in my home. Feel free to call anytime.

Sporting Fields
Dionne Butt
Brooksville, Florida
(540) 335-8250
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Scottish Fold TICA

Our focus is on conformation, beauty, and personality. Small cattery with kittens raised in the living room. TV, vacuums and dogs are part of our kittens everyday life. Imported top lines.

Neverland Folds
Jerry Sargent
Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Ragdoll TICA

Precious Ragdoll kittens. TICA registered, never caged. We socialize the babies and give them so much love and in return and they are very loving. Champion bloodlines. Babies come with a health guarantee, health record and UTD shots. Pricing depends on colorpoint. Ragdolls are a large breed - males can weigh between 15 to 20 pounds and females 10 to 15. Their coat is long and super soft like a bunny rabbit and do not shed as much as other cats. They have captivating blue eyes. This breed is also known as a dog cat. They are known to greet you at the door, follow you around from room to room, sleep with you and even play fetch. They are truly a remarkable breed.

Gentle Dolls
Robin Schrumpf
Reseda, California
(818) 708-2744
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Bengal TICA

Active duty military family owned Bengal cattery focused on genetics, health & temperament. Currently located in Upstate New York near Fort Drum. We are active members of the Capital Cat Club and show champion lineage Bengals within TICA. Visit our website for current available kittens and future show schedule. All of our breeders are routinely tested and screened for HCM, PRA-b, PK-Def, PKD1, Parasites, FIV & FeLV. Each of our kittens are hand raised indoors, vaccinated, dewormed and examined by a licensed veterinarian before going home no sooner than 10 weeks of age. Each kitten goes home with a 72 hour warranty for viral diseases as well as a 1 year warranty for congenital defects and genetic diseases.

Liberty Bengals
Jessica Petras
Great Bend, New York
(804) 658-6368
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Siberian TICA

We are a small family owned cattery in the Tampa, Florida area. We have gorgeous kittens available from an amazing pedigree line registered with both TICA and CFA. We have 8 children and a bunny along side our loving Siberians and they love the children and bunny. Our pets are part of the family and never caged! All kittens will have their shots, worming, health certificate and are litter trained. Contact me with any questions you may have.

RomeoAndJuliet Cattery
Danielle Skiver
Valrico, Florida
(813) 317-9095
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Therapy Cat Title Program

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Numerous studies have shown that pets can lessen the symptoms of depression and help pet parents maintain a positive, optimistic outlook. A cat is very good for your health because they can help to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and promote the production of endorphins, which help you feel happy!

The purpose of the TICA Therapy Pet Program titles are to honor the cats and owners for the dedication required in performing as a therapy team. TICA is the first cat registry to give actual titles for these special cats and their owners.

Gwyneth, who lives in Pennsylvania, has had 6 cats through the years doing therapy work. Ranging from an Abyssinian with a set of wheels to several failed feral cats, her cats help share love and joy wherever they go. Gwyneth currently has 4 therapy cats involved in the TICA Therapy Cat Title Program.

Gwyneth Hayes is the owner of Bear, a purebred rescue American Bobtail, who began as a therapy cat with the American Red Cross in their Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) program in 2009 and then transitioned to Caring Hearts Pet Therapy when the AAT program was dissolved in 2015. To get him used to all the handling and noise, he first began as a show cat in TICA and successfully became a Supreme. Bear enjoys quiet laps with his "ladies" at many of the homes we visit. He also does well with end of life transitioning.

Gwyneth's cat Chase, also an American Bobtail, first began showing in 2012. He was a therapy cat with the Red Cross when he turned a year old, long before he became a TICA Supreme. Chase also transitioned from the AAT program to Caring Hearts in 2015. He enjoys doing tricks, including showing the difference in his left and right paws, Shamoo, "kisses" and also taking a treat from my lips to name a few. He really enjoys doing tricks with younger people, especially those on the Autism Spectrum and at our local Ronald McDonald House.

Darius, also an American Bobtail, began his career in the show ring in 2014 and got his TICA Supreme days before his first birthday and received his title as a Caring Hearts Pet Therapy Volunteer on his birthday. Gwyneth says many of the kids at the Ronald McDonald House call him Big D or Fluffy. He is the proverbial favorite and everyone wants to take him home. Darius loves to love everyone and has no qualms who he visits as long as he is being loved on. He can do a few tricks, which makes the residents fawn all the more over him.

Phil is a non-pedigree Household Pet that came off the streets in 2015 at around the age of 1.5 years. He had suffered great trauma and was not supposed to be around to return to his colony. Fate brought him to Gwyneth and you would never guess that he had the rough start that he had. Phil is also missing his left hind leg. This breaks down many barriers with patients in rehab centers that have given up. Phil shares his zest and love for life with all that he meets. Phil is also a TICA Supreme and helps educate people on trap-neuter-return and love.

RW SGC Sarajen OliverUnderfoot of Maggismaines is a black silver Maine Coon owned by Margaret Sutherland of Georgia. Oliver is a therapy cat who seems to know exactly who needs attention and love.

This particular visit (pictured left) was breathtaking. Maggie sat in a chair with Oliver on her lap and asked this lady if she would like to pet him. As you can see, both of her hands were badly injured. She said, "Yes, but I don't know how I can?" At that moment, Oliver walked off of Maggie's lap and into hers and laid down.

Oliver uses his healing powers to help people feel better. He can assist in physical rehab by helping with manual dexterity. For example, it is much more appealing to pet or brush a pet using those muscles instead of squeezing a ball.

A huge thank you to Margaret Sutherland who presented the proposal for Therapy Cat Titles to TICA in 2013.

Therapy Cat Title Program
Therapy Cat Visit Record
Apply for confirmation of titles won as a Therapy Cat.
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