2016 CWA Muse Medallion winner Cats for the GENIUSTICA

Are you a cat owner or are you thinking about becoming one? If cats have already cast their magical spell on you, you'll find valuable information for you and your feline friends. If you're getting your first cat or find yourself unexpectedly living with a feline roommate, welcome to the cat fancy. Get ready for a whimsical, enchanting, and affectionate lifelong relationship!

Proper care takes time, money, and a lifetime commitment. Whether you are newly kitten smitten or a seasoned feline aficionado, Cats for the GENIUS shows you how to build the foundation of a long, healthy, happy relationship between you and your cat.

Cats for the GENIUS is written with clever wit and in an easy-to-read conversational style common to books in the For the GENIUS series. It is your comprehensive owner's guide to everything feline. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine book sellers.

Ramona D. Marek
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Ready to cuddle up with your favorite finned and furry friends? Meet the Purrmaids! A family of your favorite breeds of cats and fish, all mixed up and combined with playful puns! Each Purrmaid plush showcases a different pair of cat/fish breeds. They also come complete with their own special story! There's two sizes to pick from: the extra-large Purrmaids ($40 USD), and small Baby Purrs ($15 USD). Purrmaids are great for teaching your child (or inner child!) about various cat and fish breeds! Dive deeper to learn about the environments they live in, and how it's all connected!

Our company mission is for people of all ages to enjoy the possibilities of their imagination with family and friends. We pride ourselves in creating fantastic worlds that people can relate to, through characters that warm the heart and soul of all generations to follow. Our products teach people to embrace their curiosity and their love of creativity. From learning cat breeds, to understanding the environment we live in, we understand this precious earth and all the life around us is all we have, and it is worth protecting and defending.

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Siberian TICA

Siberians of Nadeijda has beautiful Siberian kittens for sale! Our kittens come from champion Russian lines and our cattery and kittens are registered with both TICA and CFA. Our cats and kittens are very spoiled, loved, socialized and are raised right in our home - never in cages. They love to pounce, play and cuddle. Hypoallergenic. Call Toni anytime to reserve your kitten and go to our website to see kittens that are available now!

Siberians Of Nadeijda
(801) 830-2759

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Since 1955, the Merck Veterinary Manual (MVM) has provided medical information to those involved in animal health. With an enhanced and expanded website, veterinary medicine professionals and pet owners have access to current content and information covering all common diseases and species with thousands of images and videos for free.

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