Board Liaison For Annual Events

The annual events committee is responsible for the organization of the annual awards show and convention as well as the annual board meeting.

Board Liaison Director, Hosting Region

Genetics Committee

The purpose of the genetics committee is to advise the board of directors in any matter relating to breeds, breeding, colors, deformities or any other matter in the field of genetics.

Chair Heather Lorimer dr.lorimer@gmail.com
Members Adriana Kajon akajon@spinn.net
Massimo Picardello picard@axp.mat.uniroma2.it
Lorraine Shelton featherland@earthlink.net
Heather Roberts chaparralsingapuras@yahoo.com
Ellen Crockett vicrock@cris.com
Nancy Parkinson pzazz@austin.rr.com

Household Pet Committee

The primary goal of the household pet committee is to facilitate and advance TICA's outreach to - and ensure the inclusion of - household pets and their owners as equals with pedigreed cats and their owners, both in the show rings, and in levels of respect within the cat fancy. Additionally, our goal is to educate TICA members and the general public that owning a household pet can be as rewarding as owning a pedigreed cat.

Board Liaison Francine Hicks bellaken@roadrunner.com
Members Morgan Christopher morgancatluvr@webtv.net
Terry Christopher tectort@aol.com
Melissa Eichler megncats@msn.com
Amy Liebold aliebold@aol.com
Linda Swierczynski linchim@comcast.net
Laura & Ron Heineck coonslady@aol.com
Charlotte Hoar munchkt@aol.com
Judy Mcnalley ymircats@hotmail.com

International Development Committee

The goal of the international development committee is to promote TICA membership, to encourage judging applicants, to assist regional directors in the development of new areas and to report to the board of directors any problems or issues pertaining to areas not yet organized as TICA regions.

Chair Lisa Dickie purberri@yahoo.com
Members Vickie Fisher coonquest@gmail.com
Genevieve Basquine gajeur@yahoo.fr
Ana Ferreira ana@narkiayun.com.ar

Junior Exhibitor Committee

The TICA junior exhibitor committee was formed to develop, test and refine a TICA junior exhibitor program that will attract, engage and educate youthful exhibitors under the age of 18 by exposing TICA junior exhibitors to both competition and a continuing educational process as they work their way through six levels of achievement.

Goals of the TICA JE program:
GL Regional Liaison Lori Dominick loridominick@yahoo.com
MA Regional Liaison Susan Adler NYCSA@aol.com
MP Regional Liaison Debbie Prince dreamfindercats@yahoo.com
NW Regional Liaison Alex Marinets alexmarinets@gmail.com
NE Regional Liaison Sue Cherau suecherau@cox.net
SC Regional Liaison Lanna Edmonds j.dare_bengals@yahoo.com
SE Regional Co-Liaisons Bonnie Charvet Shetari@yahoo.com
SW Regional Liaison Joyce Pierce jpierce@mirageofthewildcats.com
EW Regional Liaison Emma Yeoman lapcats.emma@tesco.net
Chair Sharon Kalani kalanikats@aol.com
Members Jan Chambers jattican@aol.com
Sharon Kalani kalanikats@aol.com
Susan Williams swilliams@sprigsips.com
Lorna Friemoth bobtails4u@gmail.com
Sue Cherau suecherau@cox.net
Denise Ragozzino dragozzino@prodigy.net
Susan Adler nycsa@aol.com
Ana Ferreyra ana@narkiayun.com.ar

Legal Committee

The legal committee advises TICA regarding legal matters and conducts the initial review of complaints and disciplinary matters.

Members Frances Young, Esq

Legislative Committee

The legislative committee of The International Cat Association (TICA) will increase awareness of legislative issues which may negatively impact pet ownership and the cat fancy. They will provide a resource center to enable fanciers to fight detrimental legislation or advance beneficial legislation.

For more information, visit TICA's Legislative Web Site

Marketing and Business Development

Let TICA market your business and products. TICA is devoted to building your business right along with growing our own. That makes for a win-win partnership together. Contact our Director of Marketing to find out the specific unique opportunities available to your company/business. We can tailor your advertising/sponsorship package to meet your needs. After all, TICA is worldwide and is the pulse of the 93.2 million owned cats in the U.S. and that says there are sure a great many cat loves to reach.

Director of Marketing & Business Development Roeann Fulkerson
Office: 352.307.9516
Iphone: 352.553.3665
Fax: 732.612.1343


The publications committee is responsible for the publication of the membership magazine TICA trend and the TICA yearbook.

Board Liaison Cheryl Hogan cheryl@glory2glory.com

Rules Committee

The mission of the rules committee is to review all proposed amendments to the by-laws, show rules, registration rules and standards of the association, to note other rules affected by the proposed change and to ensure that the proper terms are used to convey the meaning intended and to ensure uniformity of terminology throughout the by-laws, show rules and standards of the association.

Chair Martin Wood tica@woodycoon.com
Members Kurt Vlach kurt.vlach@chello.at
Steve Lawson steven@starmandstravel.com
Carlos Lopez pampatica@yahoo.com.ar
Nancy Parkinson pzazz@austin.rr.com
Susan Adler nycsa@aol.com
Bobbie Tullo bobbie.tullo@gmail.com
Ellen Crocket vicrock@cris.com
Marylou Anderson Mirrikat@aol.com
Toni Jones hojpojorientals@gmail.com
Patti Struck patti@jasirisana.com
Amanda Bright taliskercats@yahoo.com

Feline Welfare Committee

The main purpose of the feline welfare committee (FWC) is to deal with issues and complaints dealing with feline welfare. The FWC has other projects that the members are working on. We are working on a new breeder packet that will be available through the EO for new breeders. We will be starting a series of articles about the different aspects of feline welfare. these articles will possibly be published in the TICA trend or on the TICA website. All the FWC members are promoting the voluntary responsible breeder program/cattery of excellence program. The FWC committee is also working with TICA's rescue committee on several educational items.

Board Liaison Kristine Alessio kckcsasa@cox.net
Chair Brigitte Cowell brigitte@kirembosavannahs.com
Members Brigitte Mcminn bengals@inreach.com
Connie Harvey medieval@pipeline.com
Christi Montgomery mkoonary@aol.com
Kim Tomlin juliehill@starband.net
Cindy Stelmaschuk antarcin@telusplant.net
Mark Pennington mystre@houston.rr.com

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