Catvertising Opportunities with TICA

TICA's "Catvertising" plan offers breeders, businesses and other advertisers a low-cost way to promote your cattery, product or services to our members and TICA exhibitors in addition to cat lovers around the world through our two web sites – and – plus our enewsletter.

Online Advertising

Our two web sites are visited by more than 8000 people from around the globe, each month! attracts the serious exhibitor and breeder, plus other professionals who work with cats and cat lovers. is focused on the cat lover, offering them "one source of information" on anything that is cat related! Traffic continue to climb each month for both sites, in addition to our page rankings and result in organic searches to keywords that are cat related. You have the opportunity to place a 125 x 125 or 83 x 672 banner ad on either site, or both sites to double your exposure. You can also opt for a Classified Ad which is limited to 75 characters plus an image.

Enewsletter Advertising

TICA publishes a monthly enewsletter that is distributed to more than 8,000 readers worldwide. This is a great way to keep your brand or cattery in front of a target audience. Your 125 x 125 banner ad is the perfect fit for this format!

Rates for Online or Enewsletter Advertising
Classified Advertisement* (w/Image)Banner Ad 125 x 125Banner Ad 83 x 672
Packages3 months6 months12 months
TICA & TICAU 125 x 125 banners$125$150$225
TICA & TICAU 83 x 672 banners$200$275$375
TICA, TICAU and enewsletter 125 x 125 banners$175$225$300

*Classifieds are 75 words maximum

How to Pay and Submit for Online or Enewsletter Advertising

Banner Ads link to advertisers specified web page or promotion

Online Breeder Listing

How would you like to reach cat lovers and people who are looking for a kitten from your breed ... no matter where they live around the world? Well now you can for just pennies! For ONLY $25 a year you can list your cattery on TICA's Online Breeder page. If you have more than one breed to offer, you can add them too for just $10 per breed. And it doesn't stop there! If you wanted to list your cattery under other locations, for another $10 per location, you can have a full range of listings!!

TICA Trend

In addition to online advertising opportunities, catteries and businesses can expand their presence and promotions through TICA's magazine, TICA Trend . The TICA Trend is published six times a year, and is automatically sent to our paying members and advertisers. Other exhibitors and vendors subscribe to the Trend. Copies of the Trend are also distributed at local libraries and other venues.

Commercial ad rates

Please contact: Roeann Fulkerson, Director of Marketing & B2B sales
352-307-9516 office
352-553-3665 iPhone and text mesg

Non-Commercial ad rates (All prices are per insertion)

If there are multiple times for ads in Trend issues, please contact me for special rate:

Black and White (inside pages)
TypePriceSize W x H (inches)
Full page$2258.50 x 11
2/3 page$1757.50 x 6.40
1/2 page$1257.50 x 4.80 or 3.65 x 9.75
1/3 page$752.44 x 9.75 or 7.50 x 3.13
1/4 page$503.65 x 4. 80
1/6 page$353.69 x 3.13
1/8 page$253.67 x 2.38
Breeder Ads$252.40 x 2.30
Color Advertising (inside pages)
TypePriceSize W x H (inches)
Full page$3758.50 x 11
2/3 page$3507.50 x 6.40
1/2 page$2007.50 x 4.80 or 3.65 x 9.75
1/3 page$1752.44 x 9.75 or 7.50 x 3.20
1/4 page$1003.65 x 4.80
1/6 page$503.69 x 3.13
Show ads Black and White (contact editor for color pricing)
TypePriceSize W x H (inches)
Full page$1508.50 x 11
2/3 page$1257.50 x 6.40
1/2 page$1007.50 x 4.80 or 3.65 x 9.75
1/3 page$502.44 x 9.75 or 7.50 x 3.20
1/4 page$403.65 x 4.80
1/6 page$303.69 x 3.13
Rainbow Bridge
TypePriceSize W x H (inches)
Full Page$1008.50 x 11
Half Page$508.50 x 5.50
1/4 Page$254.25 x 2.75
Black and white$10
Publication Deadlines:

The Trend reserves the right to refuse advertising without explanation and also to alter or amend copy for any cause deemed proper, including any advertising which does not meet our standards. Ads are accepted without liability for any loss or damage.

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