Friday, February 11, 2011

Letter from Vickie


Boy, January sure was a busy month for TICA ... and because of that I have a lot of exciting news to share with you in this February newsletter! First, on February 1st we launched TICA's new TDS Online System. Now you can order your cat's title confirmation in just a few clicks online, any time, from any where. It's so easy, and so quick.

At the Winter Board Meeting held January 21-23 in Harlingen, Texas, the Board of Directors approved several judges to a new level of judging, but we also said "welcome" to newly approved judging program candidates (see the article below)! Congratulations to everyone! It's your hard work and dedication that helps make TICA successful, and breeders and exhibitors' hobby a reality!

We also welcomed three new Board members! Let's all say congratulations to Hisae Tasaki, Asia; Carlos Lopez, South America; and Susan Adler, Mid Atlantic.

We also have news about a new program with Embrace Pet Insurance - you can get coverage for a kitten for two months ... for just $1 per month! It's a great package to offer buyers of kittens, or for your own kittens that you keep to show, breed or simply to love on!

There's just so much to talk about ... so read this issue of TICA's newsletter and learn about all of the new things available to you.

Happy Valentines Day,

Vickie Fisher

TICA President

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Order Your Cat's Title Confirmation in Just a Few Clicks!

TICA's New TDS Online System is LIVE!


How many times have you needed to get your cats titles submitted before entering the next show? Or, you're so proud of your cat's accomplishment you want to get his title confirmation?

Well now you don't have to wait! In just a few clicks you can order your cat's title confirmation online. It's quick. It's easy. Simply visit https://online.tica.org / (or go to tica.org and select the tabbed page called TDS Online) and register to order your cat's title confirmation anytime, anywhere!

But that's not all you can do at TDS Online! Once you set up a new account you'll be able to:

  • Purchase Title Certificates
  • Download / Print Title Certificates already paid for a cat
  • Manage the cats listed as registered by you currently in TICA's database
  • Manage your cat's information (current, sold, deceased)
  • Manage your billing and shipping addresses for online orders.

Don't wait. Set up your account today. In less than five minutes you'll be in control of your cats' titles and your TICA profile!

Try it Now!

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New Judging Program Announcements


TICA is proud to announce the advancement of several judges who have worked hard to earn a new level of expertise, and welcome those who have entered the judging program!

LH/SH Trainees

  • Donna Armel (Texas)
  • Jim Armel (Texas)
  • Jamie Christian (Ohio)

Probationary SP

  • Katharina Krenn (Austria)
  • David Nudleman (New York)
  • Marion Yates (California)

Provisional AB

  • Stephanie Smith (Tennessee)

Approved AB

  • Donna Madison (Maine)

Transfer Approved SP (pending completion of special training requirements)

  • Carol Lawson (Florida)
  • Steve Lawson (Florida)

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New Regional Directors Elected to Board of Directors

Three new Regional Directors were elected to represent their regions and sit on TICA's Board of Directors. The new RDs are:


Hisae Tasaki, Asia

Locations: Brunei Darussalam, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand

Clubs: Act Cat Club, All Japan Cat Club, Brilliant Cat Fanciers, C.A.T. Credo, Cats Paradise Party, Cloud 9 Cat Club, Enjoy Cat Club, Forest Cat Japan, Global Cat Union, Japan Cat Lovers, Justice Cat Club, Kansai Cat Community, Kingdom Cat Fanciers, Korea Cat Club, Korea Cat Fanciers Club, Malaysia Cats Fancier, Shonan Cat Club, The Three C, Tokyo Cat Club


Carlos Lopez, South America

Locations: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

Clubs: Allegro Cat Club, Asociacion Felina Panamena, Club Felino De Antioquia-Ccfa, Club Felino Del Uruguay Afu-Aru, Club Tica De Los Andes, Club Ticacolombiano, Clube Gaucho Do Gato, Colombian Feline Club, Fedagat, Felis Catus Criadores Associados, Qualiticats, Ticadelplata


Susan Adler, Mid Atlantic

Locations: Delaware, District Of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia

Clubs: Atlanticats, Cats Of The Endless Hills, Cats Of The Finger Lakes, Central Jersey Cat Fanciers, Christmas City Cat Club, Colonial Cats, Executive Class Cat Fanciers, Feline Alliance Of Tidewater, Jersey State Feline Fanciers, Karousel Kats, Keestone Katz Inc, Lehigh Valley Cat Club, Potomac Area Cat Enthusiasts, Susquehannock Cat Club, Inc

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Meet the ... Selkirk Rex


Have you ever seen a cat that looks like it's had a "bad hair day"? But it's so cute you think it looks like a stuffed animal you want to hug? Well, it's probably a Selkirk Rex.

Easy-going, relaxed, the Selkirk Rex-also called "the cat in sheep's clothing"-will bring a smile to your face. They love to play with toys (and even love to fetch and bring toys back for you to toss again!), cuddle and will give you a big warm hug. There are both short-haired and long-haired Selkirk Rexes that come in all colors!

To learn more about the Selkirk Rex, click here.

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Try Embrace Pet Insurance for $1


Embrace Pet Insurance has partnered with TICA to offer our members two months of full coverage for only $1 a month for kittens up to one year of age. Now you can try it out for a low cost, and the ability to cancel at any time.

Your kitten will be covered for up to $2000 in veterinary bills for unexpected illnesses and accidents. Take advantage of this for your own kittens or for kittens you sell to a new owner so you have peace of mind that your kitten is taken care of even during unexpected emergencies.

It's easy to do. Fill out the enrollment form and follow the directions to send it back to Embrace ... and your kitten will be covered for two months! Your coverage will automatically renew if you don't cancel after your two trial months. You can learn more by reading Embrace's flyer.

Fill out the form today!

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Trading Cards You Can't Beat!

Don't forget, The Card Connection's special price of $79 for 500 trading cards only lasts through March 31, 2011.


The front of the trading card features your cat's photo and name. On the back, you can tell a short story about your cat, and then add a short message that promotes cat welfare.

For just $79 you'll get 500 cards but for ONLY $10 more you can get 1000 cards for $89 plus $14 S&H! You can also order an additional 1000 cards for just $52.

If you plan on handing the cards out this show season, the normal turnaround time is 4-6 weeks.

View a Full Size Card

To learn more about ordering your cards click here.

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"My Cat Images Me" Valentine's Day Fun EBook

Kids love giving out Valentine's Day cards ... and now they can color their own cat card or print / cut out the already prepared cards in the Ebook. What better way to say "I Love You" to your favorite cat, friend or family member!

Click here to download the "My Cat Loves Me" Valentine's Day Fun Ebook.

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Did You Know ... Roses Are Red ...


Means one thing? Each color of rose means a different thing. What color rose do you prefer to get on Valentine's Day? And which color rose does your cat love to sniff?

Color Symbolism

  • Red - Love, respect
  • Deep Pink - Gratitude, appreciation
  • Light Pink - Admiration, sympathy
  • White - Reverence, humility
  • Yellow - Joy, gladness, sociability, friendship
  • Orange - Enthusiasm, desire
  • Red and Yellow - Gaiety, joviality

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  • 13%: Hold me! Hold me!
  • 35%: I'm STARVING! Where IS my food?
  • 23%: I love you THIS MUCH!
  • 29%: Hey, let's play...right now!
  • 0%: I'm not happy...my pan isn't clean!
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Love the link about the "cat zodiac". I recognize a few of mine. - Jen Souhrada

Fri 1/28/2011 9:00 AM

Enjoy the newsletters ... and our gorgeous, spoiled Ragdoll. - Helen Henson

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