Letter from Vickie


The summer months are busy for TICA members, exhibitors and breeders: Regional shows, Annual Awards Banquet and International Cat Show ... due dates for Yearbook submissions ... filings for Regional Directors elections ... and of course your already scheduled shows in our regions around the world!

Summer months are fun filled. We also see an increase in new exhibitors as they have a new cat or kitten they'd like to show, and the kids are out of school so they have time to have some "TICA fun". If you know someone who wants to show their household pet or pedigreed cat, help mentor them. TICA has a new "First Show Checklist" that is perfect for the new exhibitor to use so their first show is not as nerve wracking and less stressful.

And we can't forget that with the summer months we hear on the news about fires, hurricanes, storms and other unplanned emergencies and disasters. TICA's Emergency Preparedness Checklist is an easy way for cat owners to plan ahead for an emergency situation. If you know someone who lives in a natural disaster-prone area, send them a copy for them to use and encourage them to build their emergency kit.

Enjoy your summer ... and buy your kitties some tasty cat grass that they can enjoy indoors, but feel like they're part of nature!


Vickie Fisher

TICA President

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Regional Directors


If you're interested in running for a Regional Director position, then you still have a few weeks to file!

The 2012 Regional Director Election is open for three-year terms for the Mid Pacific, Northeast, Northern Europe, Southeast, Western Europe and Southwest regions.

The filing fee for election to the Board of Directors is $25. The filing deadline is July 31.

Click here for more information.

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Important Reminders for Exhibitors and Breeders!!


Best of Breed Winners - If your cat is a 2011-2012 Best of Breed winner submit your cat's picture for the TICA website breed pages.

Your cat, kitten or alter will be featured on the breed page for the next 12 months! Instructions on how to submit your photo(s) can be found at www.tica.org/bob

2012 Yearbook - Submit your advertisements or photographs and reserve your copy of the 2012 Yearbook - by filling out the order form and sending with your photos and payment. Find the form at www.tica.org/yearbook

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TICA's New Emergency Preparedness Checklist Helps With Emergency Planning


While people tend to think in terms of "seasons" (tornado, hurricane, flood, blizzard, etc.) you should ALWAYS have a disaster preparedness plan in place because a disaster also includes fires, and other unexpected catastrophic events.

TICA's disaster preparedness plan will help make sure you or other cat lovers are not caught off guard.

Our disaster checklist will help you plan ahead and assemble an emergency plan and "kit" that you can have on hand all year round.

Have peace of mind for you, kitty and your family by using TICA's downloadable checklist.

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Jump Into Pet Insurance and Peace of Mind


You never know when your cat will get ill or be injured ... and that means you can expect some unexpected visits to the vet. And that means bills that you hadn't expected!

One way to get a "jump on things" is to insure your cats and other pets!

Learn more about pet insurance and how for a low cost each month you can have your cats and other pets covered for injuries, illnesses and even diseases that are breed-specific.

You can even choose to have your annual exams and shots covered for a cost too! So plan ahead, and learn more about pet insurance.

Read More.

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Help A New Exhibitor Get Ready for Their First Show


Did you just place or sell a cat or kitten with a new owner who may want to show kitty?

Or did you meet someone at a show who wants to try it out with their pedigreed or household pet cat?

Well you can help them out by giving them a copy of TICA's "It's Your First Cat Show" checklist.

Download it here.

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Join TICA's Facebook Group


If you're a TICA member, exhibitor and/or breeder, join our Facebook group.

You'll have your friends and peers to share news and tips, and ask questions that could be answered by other breeders, judges or other cat lovers.


TICA Yearbook: Just a friendly reminder waiting for your important input, Breed Committee Reports

Thanks to the breed committee chairs who have already responded, this upcoming yearbook promises to have even more breeds with their own featured breed section! BUT, we still are lacking several breed reports!

Breed Committee Chairs please provide a report on your breed's advancements, set backs and activities for the 2011-2012 TICA year. Your report should be around 1500 words or less. If you need help, let us know. The deadline for your report is July 30th. That's only a couple weeks away! Don't delay--time is running out fast! Feel free to ask for examples from last year if you need some guidance. Don't forget. We will not be able to extend the deadline this year.

Don't let your breed down!

Click here for more information.


Meet the ... Ocicat


In 1964 Virginia Daly tried to develop a Siamese with points the same color as an Abyssinian by breeding a ruddy Abyssinian male to a seal point Siamese female. She kept a female kitten out of the litter and later bred her to a chocolate point Siamese.

In their second litter there was a surprise-a lovely ivory kitten with golden spots that she named Tonga. Tonga looked just like an Ocelot she aptly named the breed an Ocicat.

The Ocicat was accepted by TICA for Championship status in 1986 and today is one of the most popular breeds sought after by cat lovers around the world. Powerfully muscular, the Ocicat will pounce on its prey (ah it's a catnip mouse) like your house was his jungle. Confident and outgoing, the Ocicat is the perfect devoted cat for your active family!

To learn more about the Ocicat click here.

Send your helpful comments to:comments@tica.org
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