Letter from Vickie


Happy New Year everyone! Time flies when you've got fabulous felines, TICA friends and fun shows to go to! My goodness, it seems like we just finished celebrating our wonderful winners from last show season and now we're on the countdown towards the end of another. Good luck to everyone!

With all the excitement of the holidays and fall activities, some of you might have missed the announcements of new things you can do with your TDS Online account with TICA. For everyone who signs up, you can automatically pay for and receive those hard-earned titles for your cats. No forms to fill out, no stamps, faxes or emails! Just print them out!! Add some fancy paper and really take advantage of your bragging rights.

Many of you are able to take advantage of TICA's newest service - online litter registrations. Don't like "blue"? Well, those blue slips can be any color you want. Want to register a kitten from the litter? Go right ahead. No waiting!

Finally, for our members only, if you're anxious to see your TREND ad, you can easily take a peek through your online account before the print copy finds its way to your mailbox!

Create your account today! There's more on the way!

Vickie Fisher

TICA President

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New from TDS Online: Register a kitten from an online litter!


You can login to your TDS Online account and click on REGISTRATION to register a kitten from an online litter. This program allows you to register a cat using a Breeder Slip (previously called a Blue Slip).

This electronic document is created when an Online Litter Registration is completed. Each live kitten is issued a Breeder Slip with a breeder slip number (BSN) at the top right.

If your breeder has given you a Breeder Slip you can use this program to register your cat. Please have your Breeder Slip with the 12 digit BSN in the top right corner available.

Remember ... This program will record you as the contact and one of the owners of this cat at the TICA Executive Office.

Try it today!

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Trading Cards to Promote Your Cats and Cattery. It's that "special" time of year!


Well, as a cat owner wouldn't you LOVE to have a trading card of your cat (or cats)? What a great way to promote your breed or cattery and educate the public - especially children - on the proper care of our feline friends. Now you can and just for the low price of $79. For just $79 you'll get 500 cards but for ONLY $10 more you can get 1000 cards for $89 plus $14 S&H! You can also order an additional 1000 cards for just $59. (Pricing is good until March 15, 2013.)

The front has your cat's photo and name. On the back, you add a short message that tells about your cat (write it in your cat's "voice" and let him/her tell the story! Kids and cat lovers enjoy reading it!) and add a short message that helps promote cat welfare.

The cards are produced by The Card Connection, and normal turnaround is 4-6 weeks. Don't wait. You can start handing out your cards at local shows...promote your cat...your cattery...and TICA!

To order your cards click here.

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Don't Wait Until the End of the Season...


Order your title confirmation online. It's easy to do with TICA's New TDS Online System!

If you haven't done it yet, don't wait until the end of the season. Go online tohttps://online.tica.org (or go to tica.org and select the tabbed page called TDS Online) and register to order your cat's title confirmation!

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Register Your Litters. No Waiting!


Register your litters online and print out your Breeder's Slips (Blue slips). It's fast, easy, and there is no waiting. We'll get to more of you, but for the moment, the sire and dam of your litter must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Be the exact same breed or within the same breed group
  2. Carry an SBT or SBV prefix to their registration number
  3. Be a TICA registered cat
  4. Be owned or co-owned by YOU at the time of mating

You'll need to use the regular online registration form, if your litter does not meet these requirements

Help questions should go to fcardona@tica.org

Try it today!

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Discounted Pet Meds at Your Local Pharmacy

Did you know that you can purchase most of your cat - and other pets' - medications at your local pharmacy? And with the PetMed Card you can save up to 70% off the cost.

No cost to you, all you have to do is visit PetMed Card to register and print off your PetMed Card. Get a prescription from your veterinarian and you can get your discounted prescription at your local pharmacy. Even compounded (special) prescriptions are covered! You can learn more about the PetMed Card and what prescriptions are covered on their web site.

So don't let the "high cost of medications" keep you from taking care of your cat. Download your free PetMed Card today.

Please Note: PetMed is only available in the United States

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What in the World is a QR Code?


You're bound to have seen a QR Code: it's a box that looks like a barcode and usually you'll see it in ads, on posters, on web sites and other printed materials.

QR stands for Quick Response; and it's a great way for companies, and organizations like TICA, to drive people to a web page, or download a form when they scan their iPhone or PDA across the code.

They can immediately see the information on their phone or iPad. TICA is using QR codes now and has a QR code for all breeds of cats. If you want to include the code on a sign at a show, in an advertisement, on your business cards, or anything else you print, you can download the QR code for your breed which links directly to the breed page!

Click here to access the codes that you can use for yourself or club.

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