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If your cat has ingested any of part of the plants below, and you cannot get to your vet, call the Pet Poison Hotline 800-213-6680

Pet Poison Helpline is a 24-hour service available throughout North America and the Caribbean for pet owners and veterinary professionals who require assistance with treating a potentially poisoned pet. We have the ability to help every pet, with all types of poisonings, 24 hours a day. Our knowledge and expertise will put your mind at ease when dealing with a potential emergency.

In order to provide this critical service, please be advised that there is a $35 per incident fee, payable by credit card. This fee covers the initial consultation as well as all follow-up calls associated with the management of the case

Aloe Vera Daffodil Kalanchoe Poinsettia
Amaryllis Delphinium Lamb's quarter Poison Ivy
Apple (seeds) Devil's Ivy Lantana Poison Hemlock
Apricot (pit) Dicentra Larkspur Poison Oak
Arrowhead Dieffenbachia Laurel Poison Sumac
Asparagus Fern Donkey Tail Lily Poppy
Avocado Dumb Cane Lily of the Valley Potato
(all green parts)
Autumn Crocus Dutchman's Breeches Lobelia Pothos
Azalea Easter Lily Locoweed Precatory Bean
Baneberry Elderberry Lords-and-Ladies Rhododendron
Begonia Elephant Ears Lupine Rhubarb
Bird of Paradise English Ivy Marigold (Marsh Marigold) Ribbon Cactus
Black Locust Eucalyptus Marijuana Rubber Tree
Black Walnut Fiddle-leaf Fig Mayapple Sago Palm
Bleeding Heart Florida Beauty Mexican Breadfruit Schefflera
Boston Ivy Four O'Clock Milkweed Shamrock Plant
Caladium Foxglove Mistletoe Snake Plant
California Poppy Foxtail Monkshood Snow on the Mountain
Calla Lily Fruit Salad Plant Morning Glory Sorghum
Carnation German Ivy Mother-in-Law plant Star of Bethlehem
Castor Bean Gladiola Mother-in-Law's Tongue Stinging Nettle
Ceriman Hemlock Mountain Laurel Stinkweed
Cherry (seeds, wilting
leaves, and pit)
Holly Mushrooms Swiss Cheese Plant
Chinese Evergreen Honeysuckle Narcissus Taro Vine
Chives Hurricane Plant Nephthytis Toadstools
Christmas Rose Hyacinth Nightshade Tobacco
Chrysanthemum Hydrangea Oak Tree
(buds and acorns)
Tomato Plant
(entire plant except ripe fruit)
Clematis Iris Oleander Umbrella Tree
Corn Plant Ivy Onion Water Hemlock
Crocus Jack in the Pulpit Peace Lily Weeping Fig
Croton Japanese Yew Peach
(wilting leaves and pits)
Crown of Thorns Jerusalem Cherry Pencil Tree Yew
Crown Vetch Jimson Weed Philodendron  
Cyclamen Jonquil Pigweed  

Download this list by clicking on link below

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