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Last updated on 11/24/2023

The most current standings below are based on a list of shows scored by the Executive Office 

View the Estimated Standings based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters. Because these are estimates unverified by the Executive Office, the scores shown are unofficial and may not be accurate.  You may also view the Official Standings Archive to see historical standings data.

Kitten Standingsaby headshot

Kitten Standings by Points

Kitten Standings by Breed

Kitten Standings by Region

Cat Standings

Cat Standings by Points 

Cat Standings by Breed 

Cat Standings by Region 

Alter Standings

Alter Standings by Points 

Alter Standings by Breed Bengal Head Shot

Alter Standings by Region 

HHP Adult Standings

HHP Adult Standings by Points 

HHP Adult Standings by Region 

HHP Kitten Standings

HHP Kitten Standings by Points 

HHP Kitten Standings by Region

Unregistered Kittens, Cats, Alters, HHP Adults

Un-Registered Cats

Un-Registered Kittens 

Un-Registered Alters

Un-Registered HHP

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