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Judging Forms

Our fillable PDF forms are optimized for web browsers and not fully supported on tablets or phones at this time. Please use this link to learn how to open PDF documents for iOS mobile devices.

Advancement to Approved Specialty Judge Revised 8Feb2023
Advancement to Instructor Revised 9Feb2023
Advancement to Probationary Specialty Judge Revised 9Feb2023
Advancement to Provisional Allbreed Judge 26Jan2023

Show Contract between the Cat Club hosting a cat show and the Judge Judging the cat show, sent out by the club to the judge.

Application for Advancement to Approved AB 1Feb2023
Application for Reinstatement as a TICA Judge Revised 9Feb2023

A report written by a Trainee in the Judging Program comparing more than one cat of a breed or breed group as designated by a training instructor.

A report written on a specific cat by a Trainee in the Judging Program.

Summary sheet by breeds.

The insurance form to submit to the insurance company in a case where you have been injured at a show. Must be signed by show management and regional director.

Endorsement Of Approved Allbreed Sponsor

A form filled out by the Approved Allbreed Judge who agrees to sponsor a trainee.

Invitation of International Guest Judge Revised 1Feb2023
Judging Program Application Other Association Revised 1Feb2023
Judging_Program_Application Revised 9Feb2023

Apply for a TICA judging license (as transfer from another association).

Apply for a TICA judging license (after being reinstated).

A form provided to Trainees for tracking Breed Comparisons and Critiques

A form used by Trainees for permission from the club and the training judge to train at a cat show.

An evaluation form filled out by the training judge after the trainees solo training session.

An evaluation form filled out by the training judge after the trainees ring training session.

A form sent in each month by the Trainee to the JA/designee recapping what was done the previous month.

A form sent each quarter by the Trainee to their AB Sponsor and their Regional Director recapping what was done the previous quarter.

A form for keeping track of shows and training sessions while a Trainee is in the training program.

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