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2020 Ballots

2020 JB-JBL Runoff Results
BB20-01: Regional Award requirement for Asia West
BB20-02: Initiate Board Complaint
BB20-03: Suspension of Regional Award Requirements
BB20-04: Designation of All Regions as “Isolated”
BB20-05: Suspension of rules relating to eligibility for Regional Awards
BB20-06: Clarification of “Isolated Area” in TICA Judging Program
BB20-07: Appointment to the TICA Judging Committee to serve the team remaining with the resignation of a North American area member
BB20-08: Appointment of Judging Administrator and Chair of Judging Committee
BB20-09: Rescind BB20-04 Designation of Regions as Isolated
BB20-10: Limited application of isolated status rules
BB20-11: Opstals vs. Groen/Minkjan Complaint
BB20-12 - One Time Approval of Guest Judge Format
BB20-13 - Cancelation on Annual Awards Banquet
BB20-14: Appointment of interim SC REgional Director
Proposal 1 - Amend By-Law 112.2, Standing Rules 102.1.5 and 1012.1
Proposal 10 - Amend Show Rule 210.1 (Responsibilities of Exhibitors)
Proposal 11 - Amend Show Rules Article TWELVE (Finals Awards)
Proposal 12 - Amend Show Rules Article THIRTEEN (Invitations to and acceptances by Judges)
Proposal 13 - Amend Show Rules Article FOURTEEN (Judging Fees and Expenses)
Proposal 14 - Amend Show Rules Article FIFTEEN (Conduct of Judges)
Proposal 15 - Amend Show Rules Article SEVENTEEN (Judges Records)
Proposal 2 - Amend Show Rules 29.1.1 (Show Committee)
Proposal 3 - Amend Show Rules 216.9.1 (Biting)
Proposal 4 - Amend Show Rules Article ONE (Definitions)
Proposal 5 - Amend Show Rules Article TWO (Shows)
Proposal 6 - Amend Show Rules Article THREE (Eligibility for Entry)
Proposal 7 - Amend Show Rules Article FOUR (Entry Procedures)
Proposal 8 - Add Show Rule, (Disclose prior conduct)
Proposal 9 - Amend Show Rules 27.5 (Requirements for Titles)
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