Role Description: TICA President

When choosing "your" candidate for TICA President you should keep in mind that this position comes with certain duties and responsibilities. At the same time the president doesn't necessarily always have the same power or role as other Board Members...

The TICA President is:

  • TICA’s Chief Executive Officer, with authority over the day-to-day operations of the Association.
  • Chair of the TICA Board.
  • Official spokesperson for the Board of Directors and the Association.
  • TICA’s representative within the World Cat Congress and the cat fancy in general.

The duties of the TICA President are:

  • Schedule meetings of the Board of Directors, prepare agendas and preside over all Board Meetings.  Ensure that the Directors are properly informed and that sufficient information is provided to them so that they may form appropriate judgments.  
  • Make day-to-day management decisions for carrying out policy and plans set by the Board and/or Membership and which promote efficiency and customer service.
  • Analyze financial information, prepare the budget and ensure accurate reporting of the Association’s financial position.  
  • Keep abreast of material external factors affecting the Association.
  • Lead, in conjunction with the Board, the development of the Association’s strategy and long and short term plans.
  • Look for and pursue opportunities to market cats, the cat fancy and TICA
  • In cooperation with the Marketing Director, be involved in acquiring and/or negotiating with corporate partners and sponsors and ensure that all requirements are fulfilled.
  • Appointment standing and ad hoc committee members and provide direction.

Some additional information:

  • The TICA President usually does not vote on motions during Board meetings or on board ballots.
  • The TICA President usually does not participate in the discussions during board meetings.
  • The TICA President holds an unpaid position.