Role Description: TICA Vice-President

When choosing "your" candidate for TICA Vice-President you should keep in mind that this position comes with certain duties and responsibilities

The TICA Vice-President is a voting member at the Board Meeting and on Board Ballots.

The duties of the TICA Vice-President are:

  • Work with the TICA President on day to day operation of the organization.  
  • Assume the duties of the TICA President if that position is vacated for any reason.
  • Work on special projects and issues at the request of the President and/or act as liaison to committees at the President's appointment. 

Some additional information:

  • The TICA Vice-President may need to work with and guide new breeds throughout their development.
  • The TICA Vice-President helps the Regional Directors and the Executive in resolving issues and answering questions.
  • The TICA Vice-President holds an unpaid position.