Role Description: TICA Breed Committee Member

Breed Committee Members review proposed Breed Standard changes submitted by any member of the breed (group) section. 

By-Law 17.4: Duties of the Breed Committees. It is the duty of the Breed Committee to represent the Breed/Breed Group Section members on any proposed Breed Standard change, amendment or deletion, submitted by any bona fide voting members of the Breed/Breed Group Section. Any proposal submitted to the Breed Committee must be approved by a majority vote of the Committee prior to the Breed Committee Chairperson forwarding the proposal to the Genetics and Rules Committees for review and approval. It is the responsibility of the Breed Committee Chairperson to forward any approved proposal to the aforementioned Committees within 5 days of approval by the Breed Committee and to return any proposal not approved by the Committee to the person or persons originally submitting the proposal. Individual Breed Committee members may attach comments to any breed proposal submitted to the aforesaid committees or individuals. Upon approval of the Genetics and Rules Committees, the proposal must be forwarded to the Executive Office for balloting of the Breed/Breed Group Section in accordance with 118.2.