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Notice! TICA Executive Office is open again with limited staff

Currently processing tickets received during the week of April 28, 2020


This webinar will look at various aspects of Panleukopenia including causes, symptoms, treatments, and prevention. Attendees will learn what they can do as caregivers to keep kittens healthy and to help those that may become infected with the disease. With the information presented in this webinar, caregivers can feel more confident knowing what they can do to help afflicted kittens and what can be done to keep other kittens safe from the disease. Reserve your spot in the link below.


2020 Online Kitten Conference

Do you love kittens and want to make a difference in their lives? Attend the Online Kitten Conference June 12-14. The best part…when you sign up you’re gaining knowledge, helping cats in your community and helping our organization as well! We get $25 for every registration sold. All you have to do is put the code TICA in the coupon code box. If you can’t make the date, don’t worry! The sessions are available for all who register to watch later.

NY Cat Film Festival

The annual Cat Film Festival™ is a philanthropic celebration through film of our relationship with the mysterious felines who share our world. 

After a New York City premiere every November, this collection of short films travels to dozens of cities nationwide, benefitting a local animal welfare group that works on behalf of kitty cats.

Currently suspended due to pandemic. Visit site for coming updates.

Virtual Cat Show Schedule

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Facebook link vitual cat shows: www.facebook.com/groups/TICAVirtualCatShows2020/

Click here to download PDF of schedule


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July 16-18 in Edison, NJ



AVMA 2020 Convention

San Diego, CA July 31 – August 4

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A Dr. Elsey's Cat Products sponsored event

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