Registration Forms

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Litter Registration Register a litter of kittens.
Individual Registration Individual registration of a cat requires a copy of a certificate from another association and a certified three generation pedigree. Registration Incentive: Register 5 or more individual cat registrations at $15 each plus a Cattery Registration for an additional $40 (minimum of $115 total) IMPORTANT: You MUST send cats and cattery registration requests at the same time to be eligible for this discount!
Foundation Individual Registration Register a cat without a complete three generation pedigree of registered cats. (See Registration Rule 36.3.1)
Household Pet Registration Register a neuter or spay household pet with TICA.
Title Discount Registration Pay in advance and save, to have your cat's titles automatically mailed to you as they are earned.
Lease Agreement & Termination Record of lease or termination filed with the registrar.
Color Coding Chart