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Step-by-Step Instructions

Our Knowledge Base has Step-by-Step Instructions to help you request some of our services. Select a category to see the topics for that category. Click on the topic and you will be taken to the information for that topic. You can use this link to return back to the initial page which also provides a search function. 

Knowledge Base - Pedigrees accepted for registrations

Pedigrees from any World Cat Congress member associations are accepted when submitted for registration:

  • CFA
  • WCF
  • FIFE
  • ACF
  • NZCF
  • CCA
  • GCCF
  • SACC

We also accept pedigrees from a number of other associations we have been cooperating with for a number of years. Please refer to the related article "What associations are recognized by TICA?" for additional information.

In order to be acceptable a pedigree must contain the following information in the same or similar characters as used in English:

  • Name of cat
  • Breed
  • Color
  • Registration number
  • Breeder

The pedigree must be signed by the breeder and accompanied with the statement "I certify that the provided information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge".

For this purpose, you may also fill out an individual registration form.

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