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General Description

The Aphrodite is a large, athletic, well-muscled, solid cat found on the island of Cyprus. They developed in the mountain region where their size and strength helped them in catching larger prey. They are slow to mature, females are smaller than males, and allowances should be made when comparing females and young cats to the standard. The overall appearance is in excellent physical condition, strength, and power while maintaining a gentle temperament.


The Aphrodite is a naturally occurring breed from the island of Cyprus, dating back 9500 years ago. The Cyprus Cats National Breeds Association’s breeding program started in 2006 following the observations of feral cats that were living in the area. It was clear that they did not conform to any recognized established breed. A trial breeding program was set up to establish if the cats bred true to type. The results were astounding and the rest is now history. Walter and Teresa Litherland are pioneers in the Aphrodite Breeding Program. Their hard work and the results of that work have started very successful breeding programs in Europe, Asia, and the USA.


The Aphrodite is a very loving cat that is almost dog-like. They enjoy being in the middle of an active family or just sitting on your lap. They get along with children, dogs, as well as other cats. Their large size and silly personalities make them a perfect companion. They do not like to be left alone for long periods of time as they are very social cats so be prepared to spend quality time snuggling with your Aphrodite.


The Aphrodite comes in both semi longhair and shorthair with minimal grooming requirements. They come in all patterns and colors except pointed and mink. They are large and powerful but elegant cats with a gentle temperament. They are slow to mature, taking 3-5 years to reach their full size. Aphrodite males 15 – 18 pounds and females 10 – 14 pounds.

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