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What Do You Mean Cats Need Baths?

By Daryl Conner, Vice President
Professional Cat Groomers Association of America

"You bathe cats?" People are surprised when I tell them that as a professional pet groomer I routinely comb, trim and yes, bathe cats. Although cats are able to groom themselves to some extent with their specialized tongues, many cats need some assistance to keep their fur coats in top shape. Long coated cats and older cats often have problems keeping up with all that hair!

With the exception of very few breeds, most cats have two kinds of hair. Primary, or guard hair, makes up the glossy, longer coat that covers the fabulous feline form. This outer coat is not only beautiful but it protects cats from the elements. Closer to the body lies the soft, downy undercoat. The undercoat helps cats to regulate their body temperature. Unlike humans, who have one hair coming from each follicle, most breeds of cats have multiple hairs, primary and secondary, coming from each follicle. All hair has a specific life cycle, and at some point of time, all hair dies and then falls away from the cat as the cat sheds.

It is at this point that cats can suffer from hair balls by ingesting an excess of shedding coat as they lick and groom themselves. They are also vulnerable to having tangles form if the dead coat is not removed from the new coat that is growing in. Using a comb or brush at home helps to assist the cat with shedding, and a visit to an experienced cat groomer can be extremely beneficial to the pet. Trained cat groomers bathe the cat, removing oil and dander from the coat. Clean coats are better able to shed out completely. Groomers also comb and brush the coat, using specialized tools to remove as much of the old, dead hair as possible. And if the cat has already formed mats and tangles, a professional groomer can carefully and safely clip those tangles away so that new coat can grow in.

Although cats are miracles wrapped in lovely fur, they sometimes do need a little human help to keep that fur in top shape. A groomer trained to care for cats can be a wonderful partner in pet care. Look to see if there is a trained groomer near you at www.professionalcatgroomers.com

Become A Professional Cat Groomer

Professionally trained cat groomers are in high demand in todays grooming salons. The Professional Cat Groomers Association of America (PCGAA) has implemented a mutifaceted curriculum designed to sharpen your skills and fine tune any area that you feel you need assistance in. PCGAA is an international organization that was formed exclusively by dedicated Cat Grooming Professionals who have extensive experience, continued education, advanced certification and business savvy. The PCGAA has implemented a "whole" approach to the grooming of cats.

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