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Finding Friends Through TICA

We're excited to announce the winners of TICA’s April 3 Cats will do Anything for Food photo contest. 

Purrmaid Siamese Betta Plushie, $40 Value

Purrmaid Siamese Grand Prize

Jessica Petras, Owners of Liberty Bengals
United Cat Club Inc., MA Region

April 3 Grand Prize Winner 

Pictured, Top left to right: Jessica Petras, Anna Rogers, Anthony Hutcherson, Marty Seserko, Jay Davis, and Rosemary Cruz. Bottom left: Amelia Petrras

“I remember attending one of my first cat shows and watching a lovely young lady named Anna Rogers and her friend Anthony Hutcherson coloring together,” said Jessica Petras. “It might be hard to believe for some, but I was very shy then, but Anthony and Anna were so kind and welcoming, they even asked me to color with them!  Since then, our family has gained a fabulous network of what we call our Cat Family.”

Purmaid Tortie Baby Plushie,
$20 value

Finalist Tortle Baby Purrmaid

Michelle Rizzi and her Peterbald cat CocoaNut
TICA Mid Atlantic Region

“I met Renea & Micah Silver at my very first cat show in Pennsylvania in 2018,” said Michelle Rizzi. “They literally guided me through and we became very close friends. We always bench by one another and do things outside of cat shows. If I had not met them I would not have kept showing cats.”

Purmaid Tortie Baby Plushie,
$20 value

Finalist Black Baby Purrmaid


Christine Pitts and her Turkish Angora Princess Jasmine
TICA Mid Atlantic Region, Central Jersey Cat Club

“This is a picture of Jasmine's very first TICA cat show where she became a Grand Champion Alter in the show,” said Christine Pitts.  “I attended the show with new friends Kathy Stokey & Lynn Grey.  Kathy is the owner of Sunbriar Cattery in WV where I purchased my beautiful Turkish Angora Jasmine.”



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