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1 Gorgeous Ragdoll kittens from a TICA OUTSTANDING CATTERY
Riversiderags is a small in-home ragdoll cattery where our kittens are raised and loved right along with our three very young children. Our...
1 British Whiskers Cattery
KITTENS NOW AVAILABLE AND READY TO GO HOME AT BRITISH WHISKERS! We're a small family owned cattery of the British Shorthair, located in WA. We...
1 Aristokingdom Sphynx
Elite Sphynx Kittens. Embrace bare elegance with our TICA-registered Sphynx kittens! Bred for beauty and temperament, they're purr-fect companions...
1 Russian Blue Kittens
Russian Blue kittens just in time for Christmas! BlueNirvana is a Certified Outstanding Cattery recognized by TICA that provides high quality...
1 TICA registered Ragdoll Kittens (Amareragdolls)
At Amare Ragdolls we raise the most beautiful sweet tempered cats you can find. We have many beautiful colors to choose from. Our kittens come with...
1 Stella's Sweet Bengal Kittens
One of the best litters of Bengal Kittens!! We are the owners of both Mother and Father, and they are both exceptional Bengals. Mother is...
1 Ragdoll Kittens (Tanglecross)
This litter is from our Simon and Snowflake breeding. They will have deep blue eyes and the dilute blue color. They will grow to be big beautiful...
1 3 Home grown Maine coons ready for their new home in one month!
2 boys and 1 girl, Parents are European Bloodline, father from Russia and mother from Hungary.These kittens are being raised around other cats,...
1 Maine Coon kittens (MaineCoon Lovers)
We are home based cattery of Maine Coons located in NEW YORK, Brooklyn. We want to bring more happiness with our fluffy babies. All babies are...
1 Goldenwhiskers
Perfect little angels with the friendliest and cuddliest characters anyone can wish for, literally a dream come true.Golden and Pointed Kittens We...
1 Loveablepaws
Sweet Maine Coon Kittens available in a variety of colors with our specialty in silver undercoats. Kittens ready now, and babies ready in about 2...
1 British Shorthair the Cheshire Cats. WE HAVE KITTENS. Send us an email, text us, or give us a call
Dear Friend, Welcome to our page. Our Lionsheart Cattery is specialized in breeding Old, Traditional, Rare Bloodlines of the Original Cheshire...
1 Purebred Elite Style Ragdolls Kittens
We are an upscale Cattery with Stunning kittens who are ready to connect with their perfect human. Our Ragdolls aren't just royal, they...
1 Sphynx & Devon Rex Kittens
We ensure that each cat is socialized with people and other animals and breed only those animals that have excellent temperaments. We do our best...
1 Bengal Kittens Available (Bengalsbymew)
We have kittens beautiful and well-tempered kittens available as well, another on the way this week that will be ready to go home just in time for...
1 Beautiful, Unique Smoke Bengal Male Kittens! Top Pedigreed Lines, Health tested, Highly Socilaized
3 beautiful, unique colored smoke male bengal kittens. All 3 kittens are very social, outgoing, and confident and would make perfect adventure cat...
1 Maine Coon Kittens (Fivestarsz)
We have European bloodlines . We are located in Los Angeles area. Our kittens grow up to 30 pounds. Litter trained and very loved. Reach out...
1 Ragdoll Kittens for Sale (CastleRags)
We have three beautiful females. Born the 6th and 7th of July, these babies are ready for their forever homes. Dame and Sire have been DNA tested...
1 Maine Coon Kittens For Sale
"Maine Coons cats are life-changing find emotional support, love, and affection. Don't be a victim of scams get a purebred Maine Coon kitten from...
1 Sphynx Cats For Sale
Sphynx cats are life-changing find emotional support, love, and affection. Don't be a victim of scams get a real purebred hairless Sphynx cat from...
1 Bengal kittens coming to: Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana
Our award winning cattery, Chalk Mountain Bengal Cattery, is coming to Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana in December 2023. Our cattery has been...
1 Fall Kitten Extravaganza
Beautiful, loving Ragdoll kittens are available this Fall in Kansas City. High standards for health, ethics, and socialization from a trustworthy...
1 Ragdoll Kittens for sale
TICA REG. RAGDOLL KITTENS FOR SALE. https://www.smokymtnragdolls.com/ Expires December 13, 2023
1 Beautiful Ragdoll kittens in Colorado
We have some very sweet and beautiful kittens available. Raised with love in our home, ready to be your new cherished family...
1 Pedigree Bengals 40 Panel DNA checked healthy and socialized bengal kittens For Sale.
Raising Pedigree Bengal kittens for sale. Snow, Clouded and Rosette bengals. Registered with TICA and Cat Fanciers. 5* Google Reviews plus live...
1 Hypoallergenic Siberian kittens in NYC! (USDA licensed)
We have beautiful Siberian kittens available. Boys and girls. The Kings and Queens are TICA registered 100% Siberians and each litter is...
1 Kittens Currently Available
We currently have two Snow Lynx Bengal kittens and five Brown Bengals kittens available. https://nor-easterbengal.com/ Expires February 4, 2024
1 Available Scottish and British Shorthair kittens Massachussetts
KITTENS NOW AVAILABLE AND READY TO GO HOME AT SCOTTISHKINGDOMCATS! We're a small family owned cattery of the Scottish fold/straight and British...
1 Scottish fold and Scottish straight TEXAS
Beautiful kittens available for reservation and adoption! Our home based cattery located in Houston Texas, call or text today for details at...
1 Top Quality Savannah Kittens
King Savannahs is run by Natalie King, certified in Animal Genetics and Breeding and a clinical embryologist by trade. By genealogy and DNA...
1 Hairless Sphynx Kittens For Sale - Find Your Dream Kitten
Looking for a purebred Sphynx Kitten for Sale? Then you are in the right place! Don't miss out, visit our website now, to see who is still...
1 Maine Coon kittens with Delivery available to all states.
We breed Maine Coon kittens from Swiss and Italian lines, we specialize in black Silver Shaded and Smoke. https://bellspurr.com/ Expires June...
1 Gorgeous Blue-Eyed RAGDOLLKITTY
Welcome to Ragdollkitty Ragdolls of Southern California Cattery! Established in 2006 and loving every minute since! Every kitten comes with a...
1 TopCat_USA

We are making kittens with LOVE!Our kittens are healthy, full vaccinated, dewormed and full of love. They gonna make anyone...
1 British Chinchilla Kittens NY
Best Show Class British Gold and Silver kittens:AY12/CY12 NY12/BY12Blue/Lilac Gold ChinchillaBlack Gold/Chocolate Gold ChinchillaNY12/BY12Lilac...
TRADITIONALS, MINKS, SOLIDS, REDS, TORTIES, AND CINNAMONS https://www.desertragdolls.com/ Expires June 16, 2024  
1 Eliascattery Kittens
We are an internationally known Cattery. Please visit our website https://www.scottishfoldbritish.com/shopAll kittens will be vaccinated...
1 Scottish Fold, Scottish Straight, Scottish Long Hair,
Scottish Fold, Scottish Straight, Scottish Long Hair,Located in Sacramento, CAYou can follow me on instagram @ Scottishfolds_usa Expires June 8, 2024
Ragdolls of All Colors
We are located in Spencer Iowa.Our kittens are snuggled and played with often by our 4 children so they are ready for family life when they go...
1 Scottish Fold/Straight and British kittens!
We are an Outstanding certified cattery specializing in purebred Scottish Fold/Straight and British kittens. We take pride in all of our kittens...
1 Tesoro British Cattery
Rare Shaded color of British Shorthair and LonghairLocated in New York City since 2021 https://tesorocattery.com/ Expire May 19, 2024    
1 Beyond Cuteness Scottish Cattery in LA
Hello dear friends, we are in LA California, USA. We have Scottish and British kittens of rare popular colors. Our customers from all over the...
1 PurfecTigers MaineCoon Kittens
TICA Registered Maine Coon Kittens , Poly 6/6/6/6 XL Black Smoke. Our kittens are raised under foot and not in cages, Very friendly. Polydactly...
1 Siberian Neva Kittens
Instagram: siberian_neva_kittens https://www.siberianevakittens.com/ Expires March 15 2024  
1 Ragdolls Available
Superior Blood-lines, all Breeders have been tested using Optimal Selection. Over 15 years of Breeding Experience with several Branch...
1 TICA Yearbooks
The TICA yearbook is a professional hard-back, annual collector's edition containing photographs of the world's finest pedigreed felines;...

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