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Household Pet Committee

The primary goal of the household pet committee is to facilitate and advance TICA's outreach to - and ensure the inclusion of - household pets and their owners as equals with pedigreed cats and their owners, both in the show rings and in levels of respect within the cat fancy. Additionally, our goal is to educate TICA members and the general public that owning a household pet can be as rewarding as owning a pedigreed cat.

Members: Morgan Christopher steven@starmandstravel.com
  Terry Christopher tectort@aol.com
  Melissa Eichler megncats@msn.com
  Amy Liebold aliebold@aol.com
  Linda Swierczynski linchim@comcast.net
  Laura & Ron Heineck coonslady@aol.com
  Charlotte Hoar munchkt@aol.com
  Judy Mcnalley ymircats@hotmail.com
Board Liaison: Francine Hicks bellaken@roadrunner.com

Household Pet Kitten

Household Pet Shorthair Full Body

Photos used courtesy of © Helmi Flick Cat Photography. 

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