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2024 Club Sponsorship Program Form and Criteria

2024 Club Sponsorship Program Form and Criteria
2024 Corporate Sponsorship Questionnaire Revised 29Jan2024.pdf
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2月 02, 2024

2024 Club Sponsorship Program Criteria

Club agrees to abide by all COVID-19 restrictions, rules and regulations whether issued by city, state or country (or any other governing locality). Should a club have any doubt as to whether they are permitted to proceed, TICA encourages clubs to consult their local authorities.

Your club may use this for to apply for corporate sponsorship through TICA’s Marketing and Business Development department.

Requesting Club Sponsorship Rules

Club Sponsorship Program

Before you apply, your show information must be listed on the show calendar at tica.org.

  • A Club Survey must be completed within the calendar year requesting sponsor funding. Clubs with shows in January and February are the exception.
  • Email completed Survey to ShowSponsorship@tica.org
  • The Survey must be received 60-90 days prior to the show date to allow processing time.
  • Sponsorship will be awarded allocations for the 2024 calendar year as follows:

     $500 per club one show per calendar year

     $750 Per club for hosting Regional Shows (not to impact the one club

      Show allocations)

     $1000 per club for Pet Expos

  • Your show must be listed on the Show Calendar. TOES does not do this automatically.
  • If your club is outside of North America, please provide a Paypal account to receive payment
    • Paypal account must be in the name of the club
    • You will be asked if the Dr. Elsey litter products are available in your area
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