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TICA TFMS/TOES Integration Launching Soon!

TICA is excited to announce that we will soon unveil the TFMS/TOES integration project, with an anticipated launch date of mid-May

The new system will include many new features that will make showing cats even easier, including a single sign in that will link your TFMS and TOES accounts so all your cat’s information will be in just one place. This will save time and make it easier to enter your cat in TICA shows. Other features will include expedited scoring, a show dashboard that provides real-time information about what is happening in the judges’ rings, and easy application for show licenses, among other time-saving features. Read a detailed list of all the new features that will be included in the integrated system.

TICA is currently in the process of testing the integration to ensure that all bugs have been worked out to provide a smooth transition for our members.  To report an issue or bug please go to the top right menu bar in TFMS and click on the link “TOES Support”. Using this link to report issues or bugs will save time and expedite resolve quicker than emailing TICA’s EO.

Once the system is officially launched a FAQ section will be available to help guide you through the new system.

This is another huge step forward for both you and TICA!  We encourage all our clubs to use the show application, so TICA and its customers can reap the benefits.

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