2018/19 Official Standings from the TICA Executive Office 12/09/18
STANDING RULE 601.1 Unregistered Cats. Unregistered cats may be shown only once in TICA without a registration number. All points and/or wins for Annual Awards acquired by an unregistered cat in the second and/or subsequent shows shall be irrevocably lost. The exhibitor is obligated to furnish the registration number to the entry clerk or master clerk and the Executive Office. In order to obtain credit for any points and/or wins received at the first show where the cat, kitten, alter, or household pet adult was shown as unregistered, the owner must notify the Executive Office in writing requesting the first show to be credited and stating the name, date and location of the show, and the name of cat, breed (if applicable), registration number, and entry number. Unregistered household pet kittens may be awarded regional and international wins.

Estimated Standings

Estimated Standings are based on the show reports generated by volunteer show reporters. Because these estimates are compiled from show reports, the scores shown may not be accurate.