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Knowledge Base - What are the requirements to be a candidate in an election?

President, Vice-President, Regional Directors (By-Laws 114.2)

Candidates for these offices must have been members in good standing for 2 consecutive years preceding the election.

Breed Committee (By-Laws 15.2.)

  • Candidates must be eligible to vote in elections.
  • Candidates must be members of the respective breed (group) sections.
  • Candidates must have membership fees paid for the duration of the applicable term.
  • Further requirements are listed in By-Law Have a TICA Registered Cattery (except for the HHP Breed Committee). Have bred and registered with TICA a minimum of two litters of the appropriate breed (except for the HHP Breed Committee).

OR Have owned and shown a cat of the appropriate breed in a minimum of five shows within the three show seasons immediately preceding the election. (Note: Applicants for Household Pet Breed Committee(s) must meet this requirement to qualify for breed committee election.)



Created : 2018-12-09 21:47:23, Last Modified : 2019-01-13 06:37:56

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