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Knowledge Base - TFMS Menu Structure

Here are the different sections of the TFMS user interface:


The "Search" function in TFMS is very powerful. Instead of looking for something in the menu, you can let TFMS do the searching for you. Currently the search function will find results in the following items:

  • Cats
  • Litters
  • Cases

E.g. if you enter "Fluffy" as a search term, TFMS will find any cats, litters, or cases that mention "Fluffy". You can even look for something like "Registration" and it will find all cases that mention "Registration".

We are working on also building out our Knowledge database to help you find where to request the kind of service you are looking for. Unfortunately, this is not available yet.

User Menu

The User menu contains various things that revolve around you. The following items are available:

  1. User Information (your name and address - here you can also change your email address)
  2. Settings (some settings around your location and email notifications)
  3. My Invoices (all of your previous invoices - includes invoices migrated from TDS)
  4. My Cases (all case that are open, closed, or awaiting payment)
  5. My Membership (information about your membership in case you are a member or the option to join TICA as a member if you are not a member yet)
  6. Log Out



Created : 2022-08-01 17:15:08, Last Modified : 2022-08-01 17:51:43

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