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Pet King Brands



TICA endorsement of excellence

TICA Endorsement of Excellence Recipient

Pet King Brands provides safe, non-toxic, and easy-to-use solutions for healthy feline ears, skin, and mouths. For more than 20 years, Pet King Brands’ veterinarian-recommended Zymox® skin and ear care products and Oratene® brushless oral care products have provided healthy, non-toxic pet care solutions that help people care for their cats ear, skin, and oral health needs. Zymox and Oratene are enzyme-based products that utilize the patented LP3 Enzyme system and are free of harsh chemicals and antibiotics. Zymox skin care products are designed to quickly and easily sooth and calm a cat’s sensitive, irritated or allergic skin.  Zymox ear solutions provide relief for cats with problematic ears without the need to pre-clean inflamed ears or use antibiotics. The Oratene brushless oral care provides superior oral care and effortlessly helps keep the cat’s breath fresh and teeth clean.

To learn more about Pet King Brands, visit https://www.zymox.com/about

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Pet King Brands

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