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Focus on Quality, Safety & Cat Psychology Earns Nekochan TICA Seal of Approval

By focusing on quality design and “swat” cats like, the Nekochan brand of interactive wand toys and catnappers has quickly gained accolades and awards from cat owners and leading cat experts worldwide.

Now Nekochan’s focus on quality has earned the first-ever brand endorsement for cat toys and cat beds from The International Cat Association (TICA). TICA is the worldleading authority and largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats, and largest registry of household pet cats and kittens.

TICA Members Looking For Quality Recommendations

“This is the first branding agreement for cat toys and cat beds that TICA has ever entered into and we made our choice carefully,” confirms Roeann Fulkerson, Director of Marketing, TICA. “Our members have been asking us to recommend safe, quality cat products that promote the physical and psychological well-being of cats. Nekochan products were tested by TICA and advisory panels of our feline friends, representing a wide variety of breeds with different play preferences,” explains Roeann. “We’re proud to announce our partnership with Nekochan.”

Nekochan’s founder and chief creative officer Ellen Tsuyuki says TICA’s endorsement is a dream come true for the Nekochan team. “I created Neko Flies because I could not find safe, high quality products that my cats loved,” explains Ellen. “For Nekochan to be recognized by TICA, the world’s leading authority on cats, is an amazing honor that sets our brand apart,” says Ellen. “TICA’s endorsement validates the time and care we put into designing and testing Neko Flies, Birbug interactive toys and our popular line-up of Neko Nappers cat beds,” says Ellen.

TICA Confirms Prey Play Essential to Cat’s Health & Well-being

TICA recommends cat owners seek out products that stimulate their cat’s prey instinct when it comes to play. “It’s important to enrich your cat’s life with prey play,” explains Roeann. “Wand toys like Neko Birbug allow cats to use their natural quickness, agility and hunting instincts. According to feline behavioral studies by Dr. Tony Buffington, DVM, PhD, DACVN at The Ohio State University, “a few minutes of daily play helps to keep your cat healthy and stress-free,” says Roeann, stressing that cats should only be allowed to play with wand toys under human supervision.

Variety for All Breeds and Cat Play Prey Preferences

TICA experts say it’s important to determine if your cat prefers bird-like toys that fly through the air, such as Nekochan’s bestselling Birbug; furry, mouse-like toys that scurry on the ground like Neko Flies Kittenator, or lightening quick toys with lots of movement like Neko Flies Katarantula.

Nekochan Earns TICA Brand Endorsement 

“Some cats will have definite preferences; others like more variety. Nekochan products provide different options that appeal to a wide variety of cats and breeds,” confirms Vickie Fisher, recent TICA past president. “Equally important, Nekochan toys are very durable and that means they provide longlasting and safe play for all cats – from laid back breeds like Birmans and Ragdolls to high-energy Savannahs and Bengal cats who love to leap, jump and play in a more rough and tumble way,” says Vickie. Neko Nappers Offer Safe Refuge for Sleepy Cats In addition to playtime, cats also need safe, soft refuges for sleep and time out, says Roeann. “Neko Nappers are thoughtfully designed to provide a refuge for cats when they need a little privacy,” explains Roeann, adding that the soft, washable material used in the cat bed stand out from traditional options on the market. “The beds are stylish and
neutral, so they fit into any décor and can be easily cleaned,” she says.

According to Ellen, Nekochan product packaging will begin bearing the TICA logo this summer. “Retailers who have an inventory of existing products can contact our team to receive store materials and stickers to help highlight the TICA endorsement in-store,” she says, adding that the company’s website has also been updated. “To be recognized by TICA is an incredible honor, and we want cat lovers to know that Nekochan meets TICA’s exacting standards so they can feel good about treating their cats to a new Nekochan toy or sleeper,” she says.

About TICA

TICA™, The International Cat Association™ is the world’s largest genetic registry of pedigreed and household pet cats, the first and world’s largest–registry to allow household cats of unknown ancestry to compete for the same titles and awards as pedigreed cats. TICA is headquartered in Harlingen, Texas, and administers the rules licensing hundreds of cat shows annually across the globe, in 104 countries. TICA and its members work together to promote the preservation of pedigreed cats, the health and welfare of ALL domestic cats by teaching responsible cat ownership, and enriching the lives of all cats through its programs, events, and services. TICA currently recognizes 63 breeds of cats. To learn more about TICA visit www.tica.org. FaceBook: www.facebook.com/TheInternationalCatAssociation

About Nekochan

Neckochan is dedicated to creating safe, durable and enduring products for cats. Neko Birbug, Neko Flies and Neko Nappers are available at leading specialty retailers across North America. To learn more and order products, visit www.nekoflies.com or call 1-866-699-6356 (NEKO)

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