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Dear TICA Family!

With great pleasure, we bring near real-time scoring and standings to TFMS.

For the first time, members can now view their cat's standings and scores in almost real-time. No more waiting or guessing – just instant updates! Become a TICA Member today!




Comprehensive Insights: Not only can you monitor your cat's scores, but you'll also gain access to in-depth insights like ring scores, cat counts, and award points. Plus, you can dive deeper into specifics like Color, Division, Breed, and Final placements.



Enhanced Community Engagement: Being a TICA member goes beyond just the scores. It's about being part of a global community of cat aficionados. If you haven’t ventured into the world of cat showing yet, we encourage you to find a local club and consider attending or even showcasing your majestic feline. It's a heartwarming experience filled with camaraderie, learning, and of course, the company of beautiful cats.



With these member-exclusive features, you're not just getting a system; you're becoming part of a transformative experience that celebrates cats and those who adore them.

Take advantage of these features tailor-made for cat lovers like you. Become a Member Today and be at the forefront of the international cat community. We would be honored to have you with us.


Vicki Jo Harrison






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