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Frequently Asked Question - How are cattery names used?

How are cattery names used?

The prefix position in a cat's registered name is reserved for the breeder's TICA registered cattery name. Once registered, a cattery name may not be altered in any way, although the owner of the cattery may register as many cattery names as they choose. The name on a cat may not duplicate the use of any registered cattery name,, i.e., VELVETPAWS is a registered cattery name, therefore, no one may register a cat with the name VELVET PAWS STAR. The owner of VELVETPAWS may not register a cat as VELVET PAWS STAR, as the registered cattery name is VELVETPAWS. The non-owner of the registered cattery name VELVETPAWS may not use VELVET PAWS STAR as the name VELVETPAWS is registered to someone else.

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