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The Executive Office can be reached via telephone during regular business hours. Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Staff is working diligently to process tickets received during the week of April 8th.

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Becoming A Member

The most convenient way to join TICA is to first create an Online Service Account. As soon as you have an account, choose Account >> Join TICA from our Online Services. This will guide you through the necessary steps to apply and pay for your membership.

Alternatively, you can also use our Membership Online Application Form or Click Here for a PDF you can print, fill out and mail.

Renewing Your Membership

The most convenient way to join TICA is to first create an Online Service Account. Once you have your account, email Frances Cardona to make sure your Online Account is linked to the correct record we have on file for you.

As soon as your account has been linked to our records correctly, choose Account >> Membership from our Online Services. This will show you your current membership information and also let you renew or extend your current membership (you need to switch to tab Renew for this)..

Alternatively, you can also use our Membership Online Application Form or Click Here for a PDF you can print, fill out and mail.

TICA Proud: Our Members!

TICA is the fastest growing registry of pedigreed cats around the world thanks to its 7,000 plus members who live on every continent. TICA is the world's largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats, the largest registry of household pet cats and kittens, and one of the world's largest sanctioning associations for cat shows. TICA was the first and now the world's largest–registry to allow household cats of unknown ancestry to compete for the same titles and awards as pedigreed cats.

The responsible breeding of pedigreed cats is of value to preserves the distinct characteristics of individual pedigreed breeds and ensures the continuation of predictable physical and behavioral traits for future generations.

TICA values our members and offer a wide range of services and products that you can access on this site including:

  • Publications and forms available in a wide range of languages for our members and clubs around the world
  • Renew your membership, register a litter, and any other service TICA offers online
  • Updated international and regional standings for the current and past show seasons
  • Historical award information dating back to TICA's first show season (1979-1980)
  • Easy contact information for judges, and breeders

Click here to apply for your TICA Membership!!

Wherever you are, you're in TICA's World!®

If you're a cat lover and want to join TICA, we welcome you! Remember TICA is about Fabulous felines, fun and friendship

If you're a new exhibitor, TICA's Mentoring Program will help you learn more about the cat fancy, exhibiting your cat and also breeding programs.

Juniors Are The Future of The Cat Fancy

If you're a junior cat lover and want to learn more about the cat fancy, showing and breeding cats, and also become involved in TICA, our Junior Exhibitors Program is what you need to check out. Not only will you be mentored by long-standing TICA members who are breeders and some are judges, but you'll have fun by competing in the junior classes with your friends at local shows.

Get Involved In The Future of TICA and the Cat Fancy

TICA also prides itself on the local and national efforts our legislative committee has committed itself to tackling as new laws and ordinances are passed in local cities across states and countries around the world. We encourage our members to be involved in the efforts that impact not only the future of TICA, but the cat fancy and the beautiful cats that we love.

No matter what you chose to do as a member--from showing your cats at local shows, being involved in a TICA program or talking to your neighbors and friends about the beautiful cats that TICA cherishes - remember: Wherever you are, you’re in TICA’s World®.

Wherever You Are, You're In TICA's World®

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